September 17, 2009 10:00 ET

LxDATA: One Solution Platform for Your Oil & Gas Sensing Applications

LxIQ™ Well Temperature-Pressure Monitoring

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Sept. 17, 2009) - LxDATA is an Oil and Gas technology company providing well monitoring systems and services. LxDATA leverages a unique optical sensing technology to provide reliable well monitoring solutions and high quality data.

At LxDATA, we provide proven and reliable photonic solutions that assist reservoir and production engineering teams acquire critical sub-surface data and provide valuable information to better understand the sub-surface and the associated uncertainty. With dynamic real-time reservoir monitoring, information can be extracted and can be used as critical input into reservoir exploration and management decisions.

LxIQ™: One Platform for Pressure and Temperature:

The LxIQ™ solution has been designed to simplify and cost-reduce the operations environment associated with instrumenting SAGD wells. Through one integrated platform, LxIQ™ gathers real time synchronized and correlated pressure and multi-point temperature measurements for all Pad applications. The LxIQ™ solution uses one data acquisition unit housed at a customer designated MCC room to monitor both temperature and pressure for applications such as Horizontal Producer and Injector well monitoring, ESP pump monitoring, and Observation well monitoring. Through an optimized PAD level architecture, the customer can achieve flexibility in his downhole instrumentation decisions. Integrated fiber optic based Temperature and Pressure Sensing cables can be designed and deployed when and where required in a plug and play fashion. All downhole sensors use the same technology for temperature and pressure and are monitored by one system that easily connects to the customer DCS.

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The downhole sensing fiber configuration is single-ended, which simplifies installation and well completion details over dual-ended systems. As a frequency-encoded technology with high dynamic range, thermal measurement does not involve massive amounts of data to average as in competing technology. The system measurement is therefore fast and easily multiplexed. The LxIQ™ downhole cable can be allows for selective placement of temperature and pressure sensors. This allows for "clustering" of sensors for higher spatial resolution sensing strings, ideal for steam chamber monitoring in vertical observation wells, as well as special "zoom" type cables to diagnose problem wells for closer characterization in critical areas (e.g. ESP).

All these features combine to create a thermal and pressure monitoring solution that goes beyond distributed sensing architecture to a more powerful pad-level architecture, one that integrates into one central interrogation and processing unit, a full suite of horizontal/vertical/specialist sensing strings to deliver a real-time, padlevel representation of the thermal environment. This creates new possibilities in advanced imaging, reservoir modeling, and ultimately process optimization.

LxIQ™: Advantage of One Integrated Platform

The advantages of an integrated pressure and temperature solution translate directly into lower operational and capital costs. A summary of the advantages is provided at the following address: http://media3.marketwire.com/docs/LxData_advantages_0917.pdf

LxIQ™ One 1/4 inch Cable for Integrated Pressure and Multi-Point Temperature Measurements

The complete and seamless integration of the LxDATA OPT gauge with the LxDATA OTC multi-point temperature cable on a single fiber, provides a single multi-parameter, multi point sensing solution for critical down hole operation. This unique system can be reliably installed and can provide long term accurate, synchronized high resolution data. Since all this downhole data is collected on a single fiber, via a single ended cable, only one well head exit is required.Surface cabling, instrumentation, space and power are all minimized with a single integrated platform. Installation effort and maintenance is minimized, while reliability is maximized.

LxIQ™ Reliability and Performance Comparison

The LxIQ™ monitoring system is a turn-key solution - fully integrated, installed, commissioned, and interfaced to the customer DCS (SCADA) systems with available local and remote on-call support and service. Reliability of the system is realized through the use of high temperature proven technologies, a passive optical downhole sensing architecture and mature data acquisition hardware and software systems.

The LxIQ™ is the only system that provides the reliability and speed of thermocouples and the distributed approach and small size of fiber.

When compared to other Fiber technologies the LxIQ™ is the only platform that provides proven field reliability in high temperature environments and that integrates both pressure and temperature. The unique 1/4 inch downhole cable has been designed does not require any field calibration and has been proven reliable for both high temperature and pressure.

An image is available at the following address: http://media3.marketwire.com/docs/LxData_3rdimage_0917.pdf

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