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October 16, 2007 11:26 ET

M45 Mining Resources Inc. Confirms Some Anomalous Zinc Rock Values Associated With Gold Showings From Diamond Drill Holes on East Wind Property

M45 Publishes Geologist Summary From NI-43-101 on East Wind Property

MONTREAL--(Marketwire - October 16, 2007) - M45 Mining Resources Inc. (OTCBB: MRES) today announced the confirmation of some anomalous Zinc rock values associated with Gold showings from diamond drill holes on its East Wind Property.


The East Wind property is approximately 25 km south of the town of Matagami, Quebec, and is covered by NTS map sheets 32F/11 and 32F/12. The project is located in the Noyon, Cavelier, Vezza, Galinée, Le Tardif and Comporte townships approximately 250 km north of the town of Val-d'Or, Quebec.

The East Wind property represents an area of 8,935.73 hectares covered by one hundred and sixty (160) mining titles. The 160 mining titles are divided into three (3) groups and one isolated mining title: the East Wind no.1 Block, comprising fifty-two (52) designated cells and covering 2,904.04 hectares; the East Wind no.2 Block consisting of ten (10) designated cells and covering 558.45 hectares; and the East Wind no.3 Block, comprising ninety-seven (97) designated cells and covering 5,417.35 hectares.

The East Wind property lies within the northernmost volcanic sequence of the Abitibi greenstone belt in the southeastern Archean Superior Province. The Abitibi greenstone belt comprises a complex association of volcano-sedimentary assemblages and adjacent plutonic-gneissic terranes that underlie an area of approximately 700x300 km.

The East Wind property is at an early stage of exploration and the East Wind blocks are at the grassroots stage. A review of the available data and assessment reports for the property reveal that although only one occurrence was discovered, many characteristics of the area underscore a good potential for lode-gold and volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits.

The East Wind property is characterized by a geological setting similar to the Casa Berardi, Douay, Vezza and Northway deposits. These gold deposits are associated with a regional tectonic zone, the Cameron deformation corridor. The Cameron zone is located south of the East Wind property.

In addition, Hecla Mining Company of Canada identified some anomalous zinc rock values associated with gold showings from diamond drill holes on the East-Wind no.1 Block, which also support a potential for VMS mineralization.

Furthermore, the East property is in the central part of the Northern Volcanic Zone of the Abitibi greenstone belt and is thus spatially associated with the Cameron deformation corridor. The corridor hosts numerous gold deposits, such as Vezza, Discovery and Flordin, as well as two base metal deposits, Grevet B and Langlois.

Finally, the north part of the East Wind no.3 Block represents a good area to discover vanadium, platinum-palladium, and/or nickel-copper-platinum-palladium mineralization.

A thorough geological evaluation is needed to assess more accurately the true potential of each block. An exhaustive compilation of geological and geoscience data for the entire East Wind property will be necessary.

InnovExplo therefore recommends a major exploration program on the East Wind property. InnovExplo declares that the character of the property is of sufficient merit to justify the proposed program.

The proposed exploration program is divided into two (2) phases. The second phase is conditional on the success and quality of targets generated during the first phase. Phase 1 is estimated at $333,500 and Phase 2 at $1,183,350, for a grand total of $1,516,850.

For Phase 1 of the program, InnovExplo recommends:

--  A detailed compilation of geoscience data (GIS);
--  The creation of a Gemcom drill hole database for previously drilled
    areas (generation of cross-sections, plan views and longitudinal views if
--  Airborne geophysical surveying, including magnetic, time-domain
    electromagnetic (MegaTEM, VTEM or equivalent method) components and an
    optional radiometric component, using real-time GPS localization and flight
    lines spaced at 150 m for a total of 1,500 line-km;
--  Geochemical, geophysical and geological studies, including
    interpretation, target generation, recommendations and reporting.

Phase 2 consists of a provision of 6,000 m of drilling for follow-up work on results generated by Phase 1

Bruno Turcotte
M. Sc, P. Geologist

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