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MADD Canada

November 01, 2007 08:20 ET

MADD Canada encourages Canadians to ‘get involved in the fight'

2007 Project Red Ribbon awareness campaign against Impaired Driving launched in communities across Canada

Attention: News Editor OAKVILLE, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 1, 2007) - Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada), today, began its annual, national public awareness Project Red Ribbon campaign for sober driving through the holiday season with a plea to Canadians to get involved and ensure safer roads from impaired driving.

Margaret Miller, MADD Canada's National President, urged the public to take action in two meaningful ways. "We would like to see Canadians get involved in the fight against impaired driving. They can do so by displaying a red ribbon on their vehicle or their car keys, purse, backpack or other personal item to reinforce the important message not to drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs."

"We also urge Canadians to call 911 if they see a suspected impaired driver. Call 911 and report the incident to the police so that the immediate danger of an impaired driving crash can be removed from the road." Mrs. Miller adds, "You never know, by phoning 911 you may be saving a life."

The MADD Canada ribbon has become a familiar symbol of safe and sober driving throughout Canada - and this annual campaign is one of the most visible public awareness drives against impaired driving during the Christmas and New Year's holiday season.

There are more than four million red ribbons distributed across the country by MADD Canada volunteers with the hope of effectively delivering their sober driving message during the busiest social time of the calendar.

"By displaying the MADD Canada red ribbon, you make a personal commitment to drive sober," explains Mrs. Miller. "The red ribbon is a tribute to honour those who have been killed or injured in impaired driving crashes. It serves as a constant message to people on the roads to drive safe and sober."

"We also want the red ribbon to serve as a reminder to call 911 and take action to ensure our roads are safe," says the MADD Canada president.

There will be over 100 local Chapters of Mothers Against Drunk Driving across Canada participating in the campaign and as many as 14 MADD Chapters are launching community-based campaigns today and through the first week of November. Mrs. Miller says, "MADD Canada volunteers across the country will be in malls, with police at their roadside spot checks, in parades and at public events, raising the awareness on the dangers of impaired driving. Our volunteers and corporate sponsors will distribute literally millions of red ribbons over the next few months."

MADD Canada will be officially launching this year's national efforts with a special November 15th ceremony on Parliament Hill. Honourary Guest at the launch will be RCMP Commissioner William Elliott.

The Red Ribbon and Leadership in the Fight Against Impaired Driving

MADD Canada's Project Red Ribbon campaign is supported by community partners such as local law enforcement and emergency medical service organizations as well as national, provincial, regional and local corporations.

Sponsorship for the campaign has grown over the decades. Allstate Insurance Company of Canada continues to show its leadership as the national campaign's Title Sponsor. #TAXI and Suzuki Canada Auto Dealers Foundation are the campaign's Official Sponsors. Corporate / Provincial sponsors include the Alberta Motor Association and Coyle Corrugated Containers Inc. For a full list of Project Red Ribbon corporate sponsors and red ribbon distributors, visit the MADD Canada website.

Impaired driving remains Canada's number one criminal cause of death. On average, each and every day, 4 Canadians are killed and another 187 Canadians are injured in alcohol and drug-related crashes. More than 70,000 Canadian men, women and children are killed or serious injured in impaired driving crashes annually. MADD Canada's volunteers and supporters are intent on altering these unacceptable statistics.

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