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MADD Canada

December 29, 2009 10:01 ET

MADD Canada urges party hosts to ring in the New Year responsibly

Tips for New Year’s party hosts to reduce the risk of impaired driving.

Attention: Lifestyle Editor, News Editor OAKVILLE/ONTARIO/MEDIA RELEASE--(Marketwire - Dec. 29, 2009) - MADD Canada is urging party hosts to plan ahead and take steps to ensure their guests do not drive impaired this New Year's. Whether it's having a designated driver in place, arranging for taxis or having impaired guests spend the night, there are numerous ways to ensure guests do not take unnecessary risks with their lives or the lives of others.

"As party hosts, we have a responsibility to do everything we can to make sure our guests do not drive away from the party impaired," said MADD Canada National President Margaret Miller. "Know which of your guests is driving, know what their transportation plans are and have some back up plans in place."

If you are hosting a party and serving alcohol to your guests, know what your guests' travel plans are. Have they arranged a safe ride home? Is someone picking them up? Can they stay at your place overnight? Whatever your plan is, your New Year will be off to a great start knowing that all your guests have arrived home safely.

Another option is to have the number for the local taxi company handy, or use MADD Canada's sponsor #TAXI's fast and easy service to arrange cabs for your guests. #TAXI offers a fast and reliable alternative to driving. Just dial #TAXI (# 8-2-9-4) on any cell phone to be connected to the first available taxi company or the one you prefer and it helps avoid those busy taxi signals at peak times.

It is not only bars that have a legal responsibility when it comes to serving alcohol. If you are hosting a party, serving alcohol, or if an event is being held on your property, you may have some legal responsibility for any injuries that occur. If you're planning a party for New Year's or have ever wondered about your liability when serving alcohol at an event or gathering, check out MADD Canada's resources on host liability, including:

* Sobering Thoughts on Safe Partying: A Guide to Avoiding Legal Liability
* Being Sued Can Ruin a Good Party: A Social Host's Guide
* Alcohol, Teens and Catastrophe: What Every Parent Needs to Know
* Keeping Good Company: An Employer's Guide

These publications can be found on the MADD Canada web site at:

MADD Canada's call for safety extends beyond the home too, with a reminder about staying vigilant on our roads and reporting any suspected impaired drivers. If you do see a driver you suspect is impaired, call 911 to report it to police. Every call could prevent a crash.

"We can all make valuable contributions to the fight against impaired driving," Mrs. Miller said. "Every time we persuade an impaired person not to drive, every time we call a cab for someone, every time we call 911 to report a suspected impaired driver, we are potentially preventing a crash, saving someone's life or saving someone from serious injury. It's the right thing to do and I hope everyone makes a New Year's resolution to do their part to end impaired driving."

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