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November 09, 2009 10:30 ET

MEDIA ADVISORY: "The Thinking Eater's Guide to Thanksgiving," a Lecture by Dr. Yakov Aidlin on Changing the Eating Mindset: How to Enjoy the Holiday Without Feeling Deprived or Bloated

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Dr. Yakov Aidlin, a Russian-trained clinician and psychiatrist who for the past 20 years has been doing breakthrough work both in Israel and in the United States helping people transform their relationship with food so as to achieve a more optimal weight as well as a healthier lifestyle. About 20,000 individuals have attended his courses and he claims a better than 90% success rate with subjects losing weight and maintaining that loss over a span of five years.

Dr. Aidlin conducts educational weight loss programs that combine widely accepted nutritional and psychological scholarship to help people understand:

--  What their bodies need;
--  Why they eat the way they do;
--  How they can develop and sustain a practice of wise and healthful
    eating habits.


In this lecture, Dr. Aidlin will provide some techniques for changing existing mindsets about eating and dieting. He will explain how people can enjoy their Thanksgiving meal without overeating and without the accompanying feelings of bloat, sluggishness, and guilt. Dr. Aidlin will show how eating "mindfully" -- paying attention to the food, and to one's mind and body -- can lead to a happier and healthier holiday, all without having to avoid any particular food.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at 6:30 pm


The Bar Building, 36 West 44th St., Suite 301


Tickets for this introductory lecture are free. However, seating is extremely limited. To reserve a space, please call: 347-525-3311 or email:


Dr. Yakov Aidlin completed his medical studies in Russia in 1982, specializing in Psychotherapy. After several years work in the field, in 1986 he was appointed to District physician and served as the head of psychiatry and psychotherapy. At the same time he established a private clinic, the first of its kind that imparted a unique method of curing addictions, stuttering, psychosomatic disorders and neuroses.

In 1990 he immigrated to Israel, and based on his extensive experience in the field of curing addictions, continued to develop a health theory and also a special method unique to curing food addictions. Dr. Aidlin gives courses on "The Theory of Health" at Aidlin Institute in Israel (Tel Aviv and Jerusalem) and in the United States (New York). Over 20,000 people have attended his courses, with better than 90% successfully losing weight and maintaining that loss for five years.

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