December 03, 2009 10:35 ET

METIman® Demonstrates the Latest H1N1 Training on Upcoming Episode of Hit TV Show, "The Doctors"

Advanced Patient Simulator Provides Health Care Workers With the Latest Technology Being Used to Diagnose and Treat the Flu Pandemic

SARASOTA, FL--(Marketwire - December 3, 2009) - The powerful H1N1 virus continues to be a major threat to public health throughout the world and professionals at every level of health care continue to look for ways to develop the best vaccines, treatments and technology to help fight the spread of the virus. Next week's episode of the hit TV show, "The Doctors," will feature state-of-the-art patient simulator, METIman, in a hands-on demonstration of how to diagnose and treat victims of the potentially deadly H1N1 flu virus.

METIman provides the latest patient simulation technology, including a fully wireless, on-board system, secretions and bleeding, reactive eyes and a new touch-screen-capable, web-based user interface called Müse™. The simulator can be programmed to replicate a variety of clinically accurate scenarios that cause it to act just like a real patient with real symptoms. In the upcoming episode of "The Doctors," METIman simulates the lifelike symptoms of an H1N1 victim, including coughing, sweating and shivering, while Dr. Stork and his team go through the recommended diagnosis and treatment procedures.

"Training with METIman gives health care providers the opportunity to learn clinical and critical thinking skills in a real-life environment," said Lou Oberndorf, Chairman and CEO of METI. "Since METIman responds directly to the trainees' actions, students are not only learning technical skills but are exposed to the high-pressure of saving a life in emergency situations like a pandemic flu outbreak."

Before patient simulation, healthcare trainees were restricted to practicing on lifeless mannequins and often put into the field with technical knowledge, but limited firsthand experience. Today, Human Patient Simulation technology is widely used by leading health care educational institutions to train caregivers at every level including, doctors, nurses, paramedics and the military.

The episode "The Doctors" is scheduled to air on Monday, December 7th. Check local listings for station details.

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Based in Sarasota, Florida, Medical Education Technologies, Inc. (METI®) has been a leader in interactive human patient simulation since 1996. Each METI simulator is designed to simulate bleeding, breathing, talking, blinking and numerous other physiological characteristics and various medical emergency scenarios including heart attack, drug overdose, vehicular accidents, effects from weapons of mass destruction, bio-terrorism and other traumatic injuries. More than 5,000 METI simulators are in use at organizations around the world, including leading medical schools such as the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, Cornell, Stanford and others.

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