MacKay's Cochrane Ice Cream

MacKay's Cochrane Ice Cream

April 29, 2008 09:00 ET

MacKay's Cochrane Ice Cream Celebrates 60 Years of Scoops and Smiles!

COCHRANE, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - April 29, 2008) - 21,900. This outrageous number is the amount of days that World Famous MacKay's Cochrane Ice Cream has been churning out the most blissful treat on the planet. Or for the numerically challenged that is 60 years. 60 years! How many businesses (or marriages for that matter) can say that they have thrived and satisfied for 60 YEARS??

Here's the scoop...

After the war, Jimmy and Christina MacKay bought Cochrane's general store. In 1948 the main highway was re-routed off Main Street and away from the front of the Shoppe. The MacKay's wanted to bring people back into the town so they dusted off Grandma's handwritten recipe book and started making ice cream, one gallon at a time, in the back of the Shoppe. So began the ice cream legend.

Scoop-a-licious sisters Rhona and Robyn MacKay took over the Shoppe in 1983 when their dad Jimmy went to Ice Cream heaven. They continue to follow their father's vision and obsession for high quality old-fashioned ice cream. 2000 Alberta cows are kept busy making fresh cream for MacKay's Ice Cream factory. Quarter of a million scoops are licked up annually at the Shoppe in the original 1948 location on Main Street in Cochrane. 15 million scoops and over 300 flavours later, MacKay's mouthwatering 17% butterfat Ice Cream is the favourite locally made, Super Premium Gourmet Ice Cream in the prairies. There is quite possibly Ice Cream pumping through the veins of the MacKay family...

MacKay's is proud to have partnerships with Scoop Shops, Restaurants and Hotels in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan. MacKay's also offers take home containers available in our Shoppe and in retailers across the prairies. Our most important partnerships have been with our loyal customers. We are honored you have supported our local homegrown tradition for 60 years.

On Sunday July 20th MacKay's Cochrane Ice Cream will celebrate 60 years of scoops and smiles. Bring your taste buds, your families and come taste the tradition.

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