May 01, 2008 13:14 ET

Maestro Identifies New Gold Targets at Green Springs Project, Nevada

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - May 1, 2008) - Maestro Ventures Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:MAP) (the "Company") today announced that the Company has identified new gold target zones in the first geophysical survey over the Green Springs project in north-central Nevada.

Several new zones have been identified using new geophysical survey data, identifying new potential gold-bearing zones not previously identified. These include possible new prospective fault zones and identification of possible altered areas of the potential gold-host horizon.

In addition to the geophysical survey, detailed geologic mapping and a soil sampling survey are now underway, both of which will be used to further delineate drill targets.

"While areas of outcropping gold mineralization and existing open pits exist on the project, the geophysical survey was designed to target areas with thicker, potentially higher-grade gold thaat have not been recognized by prior explorers," commented Hans Rasmussen, Director. "With this new geophysical survey data we believe that the potential is here for a much greater area of gold mineralization than previously thought. The data suggests there is an excellent host rock at moderate depths under much of the property with numerous target zones."

The Green Springs project is located in the vicinity of numerous current and past-producing Carlin-type gold deposits. These include Bald Mountain (+2 million ounces gold), Alligator Ridge (+700,000 ounces gold), Easy Junior (+200,000 ounces gold), Mt. Hamilton (+450,000 ounces gold) and the Pan Property where Midway Gold is adding to a large gold resource (+500,000 ounces gold).

Geophysical Survey Details

The objective of the survey was to better define the vertical gold feeder faults and alteration related to gold emplacement, and to better define the thickness and alteration of the horizontal target horizon, the Pilot Shale Formation. A total of 16.6 kilometres of controlled source audio frequency magneto-telluric (CSAMT) data were collected over most of the project. CSAMT is a resistivity mapping tool capable of high-resolution near surface down to 1000 metre depths.

Mr. Rasmussen further commented, "With this new geophysical survey data we have made significant leaps in understanding the gold host and mineralization controls on the project. This data, when integrated with other known data, has provided high-quality drill targets for future drilling at Green Springs."

Small-scale gold production at Green Springs has been historically mined from the base of the Chainman Shale, a unit of thin bedded silty limestone 50 to 150 feet thick. The target unit, the Pilot Shale, is a much thicker (over 200 feet thick) and regionally more productive host unit, and occurs at depths of 0 to 500 feet over much of the property. The Pilot Shale was the host at the Alligator Ridge Mine, 43 miles north of Green Springs. Within the project area Maestro has collected rock chip outcrop samples carrying from below detection up to 2.45 grams/tonne gold from undrilled exposures of Pilot Shale.

The normal resistivity response of the Pilot Shale is variable from moderate to low resistivities depending on carbon and pyrite content. Portions of the Pilot Shale show significantly lower or higher resistivities, either of which could represent alteration related to gold mineralization.

Greater subsurface fault complexity was mapped with the CSAMT showing more steep faults than had been previously identified. Some of the steep faults show up as strong conductors, which may indicate alteration within the faults themselves, thus implying that they are gold feeders. This includes one fault that is known to be a primary ore control in the largest historic production area at Green Springs.

About Maestro Ventures

Maestro Ventures Ltd. is an exploration company focused on the discovery of high-value precious and base metal deposits in the eastern Great Basin. The Company currently controls mineral title to nine projects in the Great Basin. While the company is focused on expanding the gold resource at its Kings Canyon, Utah project, the new Board of Directors and exploration staff are focused on evaluating and adding high-quality projects to the portfolio. Project generation is focused on two major metal-rich trends that cross the eastern Great Basin.

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