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December 06, 2006 13:29 ET

Make 2007 Your Year to Become a Better Manager

TAMPA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 6, 2006 -- With New Year's resolutions around the corner, it's time to take charge of your management skills and bump them up a notch. If you are a manager now, aspire to be one in the future, or simply need to know how you can better work with the manager you report to today, you need to read "Master Your Middle Management Universe" by Mary Elston. Elston takes her Italian roots and her twenty plus years experience in middle management and combines them in a no nonsense, easy guide for becoming a better -- if not great -- middle manager. Elston takes a fresh, "badda bing" approach to basic management skills that provides a fun and worthwhile read. At the same time, Elston provides time-tested ways to tackle familiar middle management dilemmas and challenges that managers face. She does it with three easy steps that are part of her "Moga Moga" management system.

Moga Moga is a phrase coined by Elston's father to mean, "Get a move on!" Elston has expanded the term into an acronym for middle management growth: Motivate, Organize, Guide and Achieve. Elston shares management techniques that show middle managers how to: Motivate a team into action, Organize with well placed structure and resources, Guide with coaching and support for individuals and the team as a whole, and Achieve with methods that promote success and personal sense of accomplishment. The three steps included in the Moga Moga program show middle managers how to: 1) Get started with their latest project or management challenge by taking stock of the current situation, 2) Identify process issues that may be hindering success, and 3) Fine tune group dynamics and roles to get the job done right -- a true management win-win. Worksheets included in the book lay out details for each step and make the system easy to use.

"When faced with a new challenge, many middle managers are so caught up in other work they simply don't have time to think about where to begin," says management consultant and author Mary Elston. "Moga Moga management methods instill confidence, provide structure and allow management by design to take on management by default," says Elston.

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