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November 20, 2009 10:00 ET

The Makeup Coach: Discovering That Purple Eyeliner Is Not for You, Perfecting Your Makeup Routine

An Unbiased Makeup Coaching Service That Guides You Through Overwhelming Choices to Achieve Your Best Look

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 20, 2009) - The Makeup Coach is an answer to a common problem women face today. We have personal trainers, stylists and life coaches, but we are in a lipstick jungle when it comes to finding and using the right makeup. There are no independent experts to talk about one's beauty needs on a personal level. With makeup counters pushing expensive products at women, here's a little known make-up pro secret: it does not take a lot of money to find the right products and really learn how to use them.

Evija Mehra, a former Miss Latvia and beauty insider for more than a decade, has launched an innovative makeup coaching service through her newly founded company "The Makeup Coach" (TMC) ( Evija has worked with and developed products for some of the world's leading makeup lines, including L'Oréal, Maybelline, M.A.C. and Lancome.

"Through my experience as a model and working in the beauty business across different continents I have tried almost every brand on the market. I came to realize that all of the products I needed for my everyday makeup were worth only $150," says Evija Mehra, Founder of The Makeup Coach.

TMC service teaches modern women how to purchase and apply the right makeup in the right way for them. Evija has been in the spotlight and has had her makeup done by some of the most celebrated makeup artists in the world. She knows how frustrating it can be not to recognize oneself in mirror or to lose your face in a bad makeover. "During my journey I discovered that women are overwhelmed with choices and lack unbiased advice to look and feel truly amazing. I advocate a simple, elegant look that lets natural beauty shine through."

All women have wasted cash on makeup products they never ended up using, gone to beauty counters only to come home with makeup they were not sure how to apply or bought shades or textures that were not flattering. With the help of TMC, clients can once and for all stop bad makeup shopping habits (save $$) and learn which shades and textures work with one's features. They can master the application techniques to recreate their best looks all by themselves in a simple and elegant way.

TMC basic services include:

--  "Coach Me Gorgeous" -- thorough makeup inventory and coaching on how
    to use products in your makeup bag in new ways.
--  "Shop 'Til You Drop" -- personal shopping in the most popular makeup
    stores to fill in the gaps and acquire the right essentials.
--  "Makeup Genius" -- putting it all together and mastering all the
    professional techniques using the client's face as a canvas.

The prices of basic coaching services start at $200 for a two-hour session. TMC offers multi-tiered services to suit every woman's needs. Clients will learn additional skills such as transforming your look from day to night -- in only 5 minutes, an education on which seasonal beauty trends work with your features, and how to mimic a celebrity look.

Evija holds a MSc degree in International Business and has shared her opinion in myriad national media while living in Norway, Australia, Latvia and the USA.

The Makeup Coach (TMC) is an independent New York-based personal makeup coaching company. It is focused on educating women on how to purchase and apply the right cosmetics products in the right way. TMC is founded by Evija Mehra, former Miss Latvia and beauty expert over a decade, developing products for world's leading makeup brands. TMC is committed to bringing out each woman's natural beauty in a simple and elegant way. No matter what the client's makeup wishes are, TMC will use tools and products available to her to fulfill them. No matter what the client's makeup concerns are, TMC will address them in a way that flatters her most.

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