November 23, 2009 07:30 ET

Managing Member of AJENE WATSON, LLC Receives Excellence Award

Ajene Watson Honored as One of the Fastest Ascending Young Leaders in Business

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 23, 2009) - Ajene Watson of AJENE WATSON, LLC was recognized as one of the fastest ascending young entrepreneurs in business. Watson, along with Congresswoman Maxine Waters, CNN's Soledad O'Brien, Dr. William Pollard, President of Medgar Evers, Civil Rights Activist Al Sharpton, Jamal Simmons of CNN & MSNBC analyst and Gregory Floyd, President of the Teamsters Local 237 were among the recipients who received the 2009 Excellence Award during the Black Star News Awards Dinner.

The awards are given to exemplary men and women, who have excelled in their professions and serve as an inspiration to the younger generation. "I want to thank Milton Allimadi, publisher of the Black Star News for presenting me with this Award. I am humbled and honored to be recognized amongst so many esteemed nominees," said Watson.

"This evening we honor Ajene Watson as a star on the rise," said Milton Allimadi, Publisher of the Black Star News. "He is a smart, innovative entrepreneur who is determined to leave his mark in the world of business. It is his professional achievements along with his advocacy for education that helped Black Star News make the easy decision to nominate him as an honoree."

Watson founded AJENE WATSON, LLC, the private lending and business finance development and management firm in early 2008. The company, divided into two divisions, structures lending strategies and financings for publicly traded companies and executives, and, creates strategic plans for corporations, acting as a liaison between various divisions within the business and the markets at large.

Initiatives include a wide variety of topics such as providing executives financing through the True Loan Program (TLP) where securities remain in the name and accounts of the borrower; the development of an organization's overall corporate strategy, conceptualizing and deploying new marketing or brand strategies and designing operational restructuring. This often involves management of an entire transaction process including due diligence, valuation, funding and deal execution, as well as building the business through organic growth through product development and the increase of market penetration.

To date, AJENE WATSON, LLC has implemented business development strategies for eDoorways Corporation, an advanced intelligent web-based platform that incorporates social networking and is expected to change the way consumers and businesses communicate and do business. He is also involved with SoNu Beverages, a kosher organic clear flavored water, which generated a million dollars within its first 12 months of business. Most recently the AJENE WATSON, LLC team signed a $1.2M business development deal with another publicly traded corporation, which is to be announced in the upcoming week.

The theme for this year's 4th annual dinner was "Education, As the Key to Empowerment." Past honorees included Bill and Camille Cosby, for their philanthropy and very generous support of education.

"We were pleased to learn that Mr. Watson will be donating some much needed equipment to public school MS 390 in the Bronx -- and I know he's just getting started," Allimadi added.

"When I learned of tonight's theme, I thought how fitting -- I come from a lineage of educators. My mother, dedicated her life to educating people, my grandmother did the same, as so did my great grandmother," said Watson.

"While I strayed from the path of being an educator, I appreciate the value of education -- whether it be formal or non-formal, PHD's from the most prestigious universities or degrees from the school of hard knocks -- life without it, for those who understand the innate power of education, is like not living at all," Watson concluded.

The event took place Friday evening, November 20th, 2009, from 6:30pm-11pm at the Midtown Loft in Manhattan in New York City.

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