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April 07, 2010 11:01 ET

Manitoba Students Get Compelling Lesson on Impaired Driving

MADD Canada and Manitoba Public Insurance bring hard-hitting program on the dangers of impaired driving to 65 high schools across the province.

Attention: Assignment Editor, Education Editor, News Editor, Photo Editor, Transportation Editor OAKVILLE/ONTARIO/MEDIA ADVISORY--(Marketwire - April 7, 2010) - With proms and graduation parties just a few weeks away, MADD Canada is teaming up with Manitoba Public Insurance to keep high school students safe from impaired driving. The two are delivering Wasted, a powerful new program which shows students just how easily a night of fun with friends can turn to tragedy when alcohol and drugs are mixed with driving.

"Wasted", MADD Canada's 2009-2010 High School Multi-Media Assembly Program, is currently touring high schools across the province, with a Winnipeg premiere showing today at St. John's High School. Joining students and school officials for the premiere are MADD Canada National President Margaret Miller, Manitoba Public Insurance Executive Director of Driver Safety and Regulatory Control Ward Keith and members of the MADD Canada Winnipeg Chapter.

Manitoba Public Insurance is sponsoring 60 presentations of Wasted in high schools across Manitoba. It is also bringing Fini, MADD Canada's first French High School Multi-Media Assembly Program, to Manitoba, with presentations at five high schools.

"Once again, Manitoba Public Insurance is leading the way to deliver this important message to high school students in Manitoba," said Mrs. Miller. "It is our shared hope that all young people who see Wasted and Fini will make the commitment to keep themselves and their friends safe from impaired driving."

Shown on three large screens, Wasted tells the story of teenage friends Jake, Kelly and Drew, and illustrates how their lives are changed forever when one wrong decision leads to a horrific car crash. As the program ends, students see the sheer magnitude of impaired driving with a moving montage of victims' photos - more than 600 people, from babies to grandparents, who have been killed or seriously injured in impaired driving crashes.

"Manitoba Public Insurance is proud to join this effort to promote safe and sober driving habits among youth," said Mr. Keith. "Helping young people understand and appreciate the dangers of impaired driving, and encouraging their commitment to sober driving not only enhances their safety, but makes our roads safer for all Manitobans."

Getting young people to truly appreciate the message and apply it in their own lives can be challenging, Mrs. Miller acknowledged. "Teens and young adults never think they will be involved in a crash," she noted. "But the fact is that young people have limited experience with driving, limited experience with drinking and they tend to take more risks than experienced drivers. It is a potentially lethal combination."

The statistics clearly show that alcohol-related crashes take a disproportionate toll on young drivers. Road crashes are the number one cause of teen death in Canada and alcohol is a factor in 45% of those crashes. In 2006, 16 - 25 years olds constituted only 13.2% of the population, but accounted for 33.4% of the total alcohol-related crash deaths.

The High School Multi-Media Assembly Program is one of MADD Canada's largest and furthest-reaching programs. With Wasted and Fini expected to reach one million high school students across Canada by the end of the 2009-2010 school year, MADD Canada hopes to enlist all young adults in the effort to end impaired driving.

"We want every young person who sees the program to understand that they have the power to stop impaired driving," Mrs. Miller said. "The deaths and injuries caused by impaired driving are 100% preventable. Every young person needs to know that when they make the right decisions - whether it's deciding not to drive while impaired, not letting a friend drive impaired, or not accepting a ride from someone who has been drinking or doing drugs - they are saving lives and preventing injuries."

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