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November 11, 2009 08:00 ET

Mariner Brings Proactive Service Monitoring to Microsoft's Mediaroom IPTV Ecosystem

Integration of xVu Suite Gives Mediaroom Service Providers Clear Visibility Into the Last Mile and Customers' Homes for Early Issues Detection and Highly Targeted Corrective Action

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - November 11, 2009) - TelcoTV09 Conference and Expo - Mariner, a leading provider of innovative IP video solutions and technologies, today announced that its xVu™ suite of IPTV service monitoring tools has been fully integrated with Microsoft® Mediaroom™.

Mariner's xVu™ suite enables service providers to maintain complete visibility of customers' in-home IPTV quality of experience (QoE), including throughout the contentious "last mile." By providing non-intrusive service monitoring, a series of task-purposed user interfaces, market analytics and a range of viewing statistics, xVu helps service providers to address service issues in a proactive and customer-centric way, dramatically reducing churn and unnecessary truck rolls.

Key Facts:

  • xVu is the only IPTV service assurance solution that provides 'true' customer experience monitoring. "It's like being able to ask each and every one of our TV customers how they rate our quality of viewing experience each and every day, every hour, every minute..." said Larry Wagman, SaskTel's former director of marketing technology. By ensuring complete visibility throughout the network, xVu allows service providers to monitor, identify and resolve issues often before the customer has even acknowledged them. The result is improved QoE for customers, which translates to reduced churn, and more efficient management of the network and resources, which translates to reduced operational costs.

  • The efforts required to integrate xVu in service providers' IPTV environments are minimal. This probe-less solution does not engender any changes in their architecture.

  • Microsoft's Mediaroom is the most widely deployed IPTV platform in the world, with over 20 of the world's leading service providers across four continents using the platform to drive their digital TV services, and nearly 4 million subscribers connected to Mediaroom-powered services.

  • The integration of Mariner's xVu tools with Microsoft Mediaroom extends the service assurance options available to service providers and supports a more customer-centric approach to the monitoring and resolution of customer issues.

  • Mariner's team has extensive experience with the Microsoft Mediaroom solution; from hosting the first Mediaroom Lab in Canada (2004) through to development, integration and testing for several deployments. Mariner is also currently in lab trials with two prominent Canadian operators who expect to launch their Mediaroom services in 2010.

Supporting Quotes:

  • "The integration of xVu with Microsoft Mediaroom is another significant endorsement of the IP innovation and QoE best practices that underpin the xVu suite," says Curtis Howe, president and CEO, Mariner. "Through xVu, Microsoft Mediaroom service providers can become more customer-centric and really get to grips with their customers' QoE for IPTV services."

  • "xVu adds another dimension to the service assurance tools available to Microsoft Mediaroom service providers," said Dan McCrary, director of partners and business development for Microsoft Mediaroom. "The ability to identify and resolve issues, potentially before a subscriber has even noticed, has the potential to improve customer satisfaction, while being able to accurately pinpoint issues and resolve them remotely can help realize significant savings in terms of reduced truck rolls and customer churn."


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Mariner is a leading provider of innovative IP video solutions and technologies that deliver unique value to the expanding IPTV industry. Mariner's flagship TV care product, xVu, specializes on Next-Gen IPTV service monitoring. Mariner's architecture and toolset enables service providers to better assure the viewing experience, isolate troubles and guide cost effective resolution such as "smart" truck rolls. Mariner's frostt platform delivers interactive TV, social networking and self-service capabilities to the TV in a highly compelling viewing experience.

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