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January 04, 2008 13:22 ET

Mariposa Leadership Helps You Move From Limits to Possibilities...

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - January 4, 2008) - Many successful leaders climb to the top due to their vision, creativity, and perseverance. They are often strong minded, technically proficient, and goal oriented. They are also aware of their limitations.

Truly effective leaders know when to let go of the reins, get out of the way, and allow their employees the freedom and creativity to learn, grow, experiment, enhance, and sometimes fail. But letting go is often more difficult than expected.

Do you have what it takes to let go of control, remove limits, lift obstacles, and move forward into the power of possibility? Can you strike a balance between supplying clear direction and goals, and letting your people act on their own initiative? Between being strong and decisive, and also remaining open to be influenced by others?

Sue Bethanis, Founder/CEO of Mariposa Leadership, Inc., believes that leaders who focus on problems, issues, limits and constraints may succeed in the short run, but that long-term success requires the ability to shift to a more positive stance on what is truly possible. She offers three suggestions:

-- Reframe - Instead of focusing on "fixing" problems, shift to "developing" solutions. If you weren't constrained by time or resources, what new direction would you take?

-- Metaphors - Notice the metaphors you and your team use in everyday language. Excise from your vocabulary words like restrictions, constraints, problems, lack, wants, and needs, and replace them with words like potential, possibility, opportunity, issues, requests, meaning, and purpose.

-- Remain agile - Continually move from potentially limiting positions to more expansive positions: from decisiveness to discernment; from vision to legacy; from environmentalist to globalist.

Reframing situations, using metaphors, and remaining agile will directly effect how you and your employees respond to work. Instead of constantly one-upping the competition, begin to remove the self-imposed limits that are holding you and your company back and start tapping into the power of possibility.

Susan J. Bethanis, Ed.D., is the Founder/CEO of Mariposa Leadership, Inc., author of Leadership Chronicles of a Corporate Sage, and host of the popular leadership forum Wise Talk.

Mariposa Leadership, Inc. offers premier leadership coaching services to high-tech, biotech, and financial industries.

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