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November 07, 2005 13:36 ET

Market Pulse Breaking News Alert for Monday, Nov. 7, 2005: COHQ -- CorpHQ Maintained at 'Buy/4,' Target $0.085 Set by Investrend Research Analyst Shailesh Dhuri!

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ATLANTA, GA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 7, 2005 -- Market Pulse News Alert for this PM, Stocks to Watch are: CorpHQ, Inc. (OTC: COHQ), Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG), Intel Corp. (NASDAQ: INTC) and Eternal Technologies Group Inc. (OTC BB: ETLT).

Investors need to be watching CorpHQ, Inc. (OTC: COHQ) this PM! CorpHQ provides money and management to high-caliber early stage companies, acting as a business accelerator, fast-tracking their growth from startup to profitability. The company has a track record of building successful businesses and making a profit. Since 2001, it has helped develop six companies while generating four consecutive years of growth and earnings for shareholders. CorpHQ's goal is to significantly expand its scope of operations during 2005 to qualify for a NASDAQ or AMEX listing during 2006. COHQ is poised to be a significant player in the business services industry. COHQ has had several excellent news announcements out lately and one again before Monday's bell announcing a comprehensive Institutional update on CorpHQ, maintaining its rating at "Buy/4," and establishing a three year target valuation of $0.085! Investors should be watching this one closely!

Investrend Research analyst Shailesh Dhuri, MBA, has released a comprehensive Institutional update on CorpHQ (OTC: COHQ), maintaining its rating at "Buy / 4," and establishing a three year target valuation of $0.085.

The analyst stated:

CorpHQ has successfully built a strong and vibrant portfolio in line with its strategy of identifying and incubating potentially high growth companies.

The company reported an EPS of $0.007 for FY04. Thus, the stock is trading at a P/E multiple of 4x. The reported EPS of the company includes valuation gain income of $0.005 per share. On a conservative basis, even if we adjust the valuation gains in EPS, the adjusted EPS works out to $0.002, or a multiple of 15x.

The operating cash flow of the company was also positive in FY04. Our analysis shows that if the company is able to maintain the current performance, the FY06E EPS will be $0.02.

CorpHQ's portfolio is comprised of several promising companies, such as: My Personal Salon (18.42% stake), with revenues of $15,000 for 2004 and a net loss of ($20,281); Safeguard Technology International, Inc. (9%), with revenues of $274,910 for 2004 and a net loss of ($699,435); South Bay Financial Solutions, Inc. (40%), which is in its very early development stage; and The Giving Card, which has entered into a Worldwide Licensing Agreement with the Vatican.

The topline increased by 44% in the year ended 2004 mainly on the back of a profitable divestment (gain of $0.12/share) in STI. The gain on STI is an impressive 150% of its acquisition cost.

A strengthened balance sheet is a key driver for future growth, and success of business strategies that the company is vigorously following.

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Stocks in the news and acting well in today's trading include: Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG), Intel Corp. (NASDAQ: INTC) and Eternal Technologies Group Inc. (OTC BB: ETLT).

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