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April 13, 2010 08:30 ET

Market Pulse Breaking News Alert for Tuesday, April 13, 2010: MZEI -- Medizone International to Greatly Increase Exposure for Its Phenomenal Product AsepticSure™!

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ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - April 13, 2010) -  Market Pulse News Alert for this AM, Stocks to Watch are: Medizone International, Inc. (OTCBB: MZEI), Keryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: KERX), Ambac Financial Group Inc. (NYSE: ABK) and Palm Inc. (NASDAQ: PALM).

Investors need to be watching Medizone International, Inc. (OTCBB: MZEI) this AM! Medizone International is a research and development company engaged in developing AsepticSure™ System, a novel ozone-based technology. AsepticSure™ is a portable decontamination and sterilization system for hospitals, government buildings, sports training facilities, schools and other critical infrastructure that might currently require, or need to be prepared for countermeasures capability from contamination by infectious biological agents. A government variant is being developed for bio-terrorism counter measures. Medizone began mockup trials in January 2010 for both public (hospital) and government (bio-terrorism countermeasures) applications. In March 2010, Medizone successful completed the first full round of room scale testing with its AsepticSure™ sterilization system. Successful decontamination by AsepticSure™ to the 6 log standard or greater has been demonstrated with C.difficile, E coli, Pseudomonas aeruginous, MRSA, VRE and Bacillius subtilis. The AsepticSure™ system is capable of decontamination to the previously unobtainable 6 log standard (99.9999% bactericidal kill) on all hospital surfaces, hard or soft. Medizone is now able to greatly reduce the time required to achieve 6 log kills on hard surfaces to 30 minutes of exposure. From a commercial viewpoint, the higher the "kill rate" in the shortest turn around time, the more favorably physicians and hospital administrators will view the system. Given the outstanding range of bactericidal kill rates Medizone has achieved to date with the pathogens most often associated with hospital derived infections, it has become clear there are opportunities abounding to expand scientific horizons through collaborative arrangements in many diverse and exciting new applications. Biological contamination of medical treatment areas such as hospitals and chronic care facilities has recently been identified by several world renowned public health institutions, including the Centers for Disease Control, as one of the greatest threats to public health and safety in the industrial world. Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are one of the most common complications of hospital care. Nearly 2 million patients develop HAIs, which contribute to 99,000 deaths each year and $28 billion to $33 billion in health care costs. Demand for an effective product is huge. Once the trial program for the AsepticSure™ hospital sterilization system is concluded, MZEI expects to out-source the manufacturing of the product and partner with large, well established companies that are already fully embedded in their sector of business as suppliers, such as medical device manufacturers or service companies. Medizone believes that a field hardened variant of the AsepticSure™ hospital unit currently being readied for scale up testing will have wide bio defense applications internationally as it will be easily deployable in response to virtually any terrorist assault, extremely effective against a broad range of lethal pathogens, easy to manage and maintain and most importantly, it has the potential to save lives. Medizone now believes that the performance profile of its AsepticSure™ Sterilization System will exceed all the prerequisite requirements of affordability, practicability and unmatched efficacy, which will catapult it into the world market. Medizone International, Inc. is poised to become a significant player in the healthcare industry! Medizone International, Inc. just had excellent news out in a press release before today's opening bell announcing they are planning to greatly increase the exposure for its phenomenal product AsepticSure™! This could be great news for investors!

Medizone International, Inc. (OTCBB: MZEI) announces it will be attending the Accredited Members, Inc. conference being held at the Green Valley Ranch Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada between April 20th and 22nd. Accredited Members sponsors a number of conferences each year, which interface emerging companies such as Medizone International with previously qualified high net worth accredited investors looking for new opportunities.

Edwin Marshall, Medizone's CEO and Board Chairman who will be attending, commented, "I am pleased to have been invited to this conference and enthused about the opportunity to showcase Medizone and our AsepticSure™ technology to an estimated three hundred qualified investors at one time. As we are about to start our hospital beta test program, we must also look forward to our projected capital requirements for entering production and sales later this year. I believe by attending this conference and the Vail conference scheduled for June 7-9, it is likely we will be able to fully fund all of our needs through initial production." Mr. Marshall went on to say, "Another bonus to the conference is the opportunity to be introduced to the global audience of Don Baillargeon's MoneyTV show, as he will be filming a segment of the show at the conference. MoneyTV has been on the air for more than 14 years and over 650 episodes. They have a global distribution of 170 million TV households. The US distribution is more than 70 million TV households. My personal opinion is that our stock price is currently significantly undervalued. I expect our presence at the upcoming conferences in Las Vegas and Vail, combined with being on MoneyTV, will greatly increase the number of eyes on Medizone and our phenomenal product, AsepticSure™."

Medizone International, Inc. is a research and development company engaged in developing its AsepticSure™ System to decontaminate and sterilize hospital surgical suites, emergency rooms, intensive care units, schools and other critical infrastructure. A government variant is being developed for bio-terrorism counter measures. Research is conducted at Medizone's dedicated laboratories located in Innovation Park, Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Stocks in the news and acting well as of late include: Keryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: KERX), Ambac Financial Group Inc. (NYSE: ABK) and Palm Inc. (NASDAQ: PALM).

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