August 19, 2010 14:26 ET

Market for Water Recycling & Reuse Technologies to Reach $57 Billion in 2015 as Global Demand Intensifies

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - August 19, 2010) -  Demand for water is increasing as the world's population grows, agricultural needs increase and developing nations become more affluent. Unfortunately, there is not an increase in water supply to match this growing demand; in fact, as weather patterns change and water sources continue to be overused, fresh water supplies are decreasing.

The solution lies within the $29 billion water recycling and reuse (WRR) technologies market, according to SBI Energy's latest study "Global Market for Water Recycling & Reuse: Filtration Systems," which examines at length the opportunities and challenges facing wastewater recycling systems, reuse greywater systems and rainwater harvesting. Driven by the depletion of our water resources, the public's awareness of water conservation products, government incentives and decreased implementation costs, this market is projected to experience a 16% growth rate to reach $57 billion in 2015.

Within the four main types of water treatment solutions -- membrane systems, multimedia filtration systems, carbon filtration systems and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) systems -- membrane systems are currently commanding 70% market share. "Decreasing costs associated with membrane technology combined with technological advancements have broadened the ease and scope of applications within the sector," says SBI Energy Publisher Shelley Carr.

According to the study, the value of the membrane filtration systems sector of the water recycling and reuse market increased by $4 billion in the three-year period from 2006 to 2009. The sector is expected to continue exceptional growth and is projected to grow to $38 billion by 2015. "From 2006 to 2015 this sector of the WRR market will more than double in value," says SBI Energy.

"Global Market for Water Recycling & Reuse: Filtration Systems" contains comprehensive historical (2005 - 2009) and forecast (2010 - 2015) data. This report identifies key trends, regulations, new technologies and economic and geographic factors affecting the direction and size of market growth in more than 25 countries. Profiles of major and cutting edge companies using WCT are also included.

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