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August 07, 2006 08:00 ET

MarketTools® Launches First Research Solution to Capture the Universe of Online Voices to Gain More Dynamic Consumer Insights

Insight Networks™ Provides a Comprehensive Solution That Gives Researchers and Marketers Continuous Access to Millions of Customer Discussions for Observation, Interaction and Testing

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 7, 2006 -- For marketers who find it challenging to stay plugged into their target customers' changing preferences, MarketTools, Inc., the defining provider of on-demand market research, announced today a new market intelligence solution called Insight Networks. Insight Networks allows researchers and marketers to capture the universe of voices from a variety of online resources and existing electronic content, interact with social networks and online communities, and synthesize that feedback into actionable findings that spark new insights and deeper understanding. With Insight Networks, MarketTools provides a revolutionary way for companies to use today's real-time, dynamic environments to research consumer preferences and stay in touch.

"The online communities MarketTools is creating for Del Monte will help us better understand and learn from our consumers. We will have continuous and ongoing communication with them, which we didn't have before," said Gala Amoroso, Senior Market Research Manager, Del Monte Foods. "Next-generation research solutions like Insight Networks will give us an even broader perspective on consumers' preferences, allow us to test ideas, and become even more responsive and innovative."

As traditional communication channels continue to fragment, and consumer audiences splinter and become more specialized, developing an understanding of changing consumer preferences becomes more difficult. Traditional point-in-time research methods alone can fail to adequately represent opinions and attitudes. Because companies have only limited visibility into their customers' rapidly changing attitudes and behaviors, they struggle to develop truly innovative solutions.

Direct Access to the Universe of Opinions and Ideas

Insight Networks harnesses the power of online content and communities to help companies thoroughly, reliably, and more authentically understand their target market. By tapping into consumers' own means of communication -- blogs, chat rooms, message boards, video, and online groups -- MarketTools enables companies to listen into and join the conversations to stay abreast of fast-changing issues, trends and opinions. In short, MarketTools allows researchers to become more thoroughly knowledgeable about their customers. By sustaining this connection with customers in real-time, companies can increase the effectiveness of their research, get fast and honest answers to crucial questions, and derive more value from their marketing research programs.

Specific Insight Networks offerings include:

--  Discover: Tunes into all online channels, and analyzes content from
    message boards, blogs, video, chat, and online groups to track opinions,
    trends, brand perception and product/customer service issues.
--  Understand: Engages custom online communities in interactive dialog
    for observational learning and collaborative innovation.
--  Evaluate: Tests ideas and concepts by applying quantitative research
    methods so you can determine the best course of action.

"Online communities are literally talking about every subject under the sun. There is a great deal for marketers to learn by participating in the conversations," said Mike Waite, MarketTools' Vice President, Panels and Communities. "With Insight Networks, MarketTools combines collection and analysis of consumer-generated media with online community interaction and survey research to help marketers, advertisers and brand managers tap into a wealth of authentic consumer opinions and feedback. This is a natural progression of the company's heritage in innovative market research methodologies, and the next logical step in consumer market research."

Additional details about MarketTool's Insight Networks are available at or call 415-957-2049.

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