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August 13, 2008 03:19 ET

Maroochydore Copper Project Scoping Study Update

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                                                                                          13 August 2008

                           Maroochydore Copper Project Scoping Study Update

Murchison  United  NL ("Murchison") (ASX: MUR, AIM: MUU) advises that it has received notification  of  the
results  of a Scoping Study carried out by its 50% joint venture partner, Aditya Birla Minerals  Ltd  (ASX:
ABY),  in  relation  to the Maroochydore Copper Project, located near Telfer in Western  Australia.  Aditya
Birla Minerals is operator of the Maroochydore Project.

While  the  Scoping Study resulted in a reduction in the JORC Code compliant resource for the  Maroochydore
Project and concluded that the Project is unlikely to support a financially viable mining operation in  its
current form, it did also highlight several areas requiring additional work.

Encouraging outcomes in these areas, including metallurgy, resource size, capital costs and synergies  with
the  nearby Nifty Copper Mine, also owned by Aditya Birla Minerals, would have a positive impact on project

Details  of  the  revised  resource  estimate and Scoping Study  results  are  contained  in  the  attached
announcement from Aditya Birla Minerals.

While  Murchison  continues  to  work with Adity Birla Minerals to advance the  Maroochydore  Project,  the
Company  remains focussed primarily on the exploration and development of its portfolio of uranium projects
in West Africa as the basis for development of a substantial long-term uranium business.

This strategy received a major boost recently with the announcement of a wide-ranging Cooperation Agreement
with  the  French-based multinational industrial and nuclear energy giant, Areva NC, covering the Company's
Exploration Licences in Mauritania, West Africa.

For further information regarding this announcement, please call Mark Reilly.

Mark Reilly
Managing Director

Murchison's Nominated Advisor for the AIM market is RFC Corporate Finance Ltd.
Contact: Stuart Laing, Ph: +618 9480 2506

Announcement by Aditya Birla Minerals Ltd

13 August 2008

The Manager
Australian Stock Exchange Limited
Level 4
20 Bridge Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Dear Sir,


Aditya  Birla Minerals Ltd (ASX:ABY) and Murchison United NL (ASX:MUR and AIM:MUU) are 50/50 Joint Ventures
partners in the Maroochydore copper project. The project is located south west of the Aditya Birla Minerals
Ltd owned Nifty copper operation and is one of Australia's largest undeveloped copper projects.

Aditya Birla Minerals Ltd (JV operator) presents the following:

1) Updated Resource Estimate

The  Maroochydore  resource  estimate was re calculated in the light of a thorough  technical  review.  The
updated resource figures are:

                           Tonnes (Mt)       Cu%        Co%
Measured                        -             -          -
Indicated                     36.7           0.8       0.04
Inferred                       4.5           0.7       0.04
Total                         41.2           0.8       0.04

Table 1: Maroochydore resource estimate 2008 (100% basis). Calculated at a 0.5% copper cut-off.

The  net  effect of the new resource estimation is a reduction in both tonnes and grade (see Table 2).  The
single  reason for the change in metal content is a different estimation technique was used. The estimation
technique  used  by previous operators was not considered to be appropriate for the style of mineralisation
and  has been replaced with a Multiple Indicator Kriging model. Resource estimation was carried out by ABML
in house technical staff and audited by the internationally recognised Snowden Mining Industry Consultants.

                           Tonnes (Mt)       Cu%        Co%
Measured                        -             -          -
Indicated                     +10.1          -0.3        -
Inferred                      -20.3          -0.2        -
Total                         -10.2          -0.2        -

Table 2: Change in Maroochydore resource estimate (100% basis).

2) Scoping Study Results

The Maroochydore JV engaged Hatch Associates Pty Limited to undertake a scoping study for the project.  The
scope of works included, but was not limited to:

    *       Review geological data.
    *       Generate conceptual mine plan and costing for the project.
    *       Metallurgical review of previous studies and existing test work.
    *       Develop Conceptual Design Criteria and Process Flow Sheets.
    *       Develop Conceptual Equipment Sizing.
    *       Develop Order of Magnitude Capital and Operating Costs
    *       Financial Analysis
    *       Recommendations for future work

The  results  of  the  scoping study demonstrate that the Maroochydore project is  unlikely  to  support  a
financially viable mining operation in its current form. However, there are areas which require  additional
work  and encouraging outcomes would have a positive impact on the project economics. Further planned  work

    1)  Metallurgy - the deposit is complex and the project is hampered by very poor recoveries. Recent
        advances in oxide floatation technology could result in a significant increase in recoveries. A series of
        metallurgical tests are planned to be under taken to test the response of Maroochydore mineralisation.
    2)  Resource  Size - the project lacks the tonnage to support a capitally efficient operation  and
        exploration work will now focus on expanding the limits of the known deposit. Furthermore, regional work
        will follow up on positive historical drill results and conceptual work aimed at identifying possible
        sulphide mineralisation will be undertaken.
    3)  Capital Costs and Nifty Synergies - worldwide mining cost pressures have resulted in project CAPEX
        estimates been significantly higher than expectations. A review of capital costs will be undertaken and
        synergies with the nearby Nifty operation will be further explored.

The  information in this report which relates to the Mineral Resource for the Maroochydore project is based
on  and  accurately  reflects  reports prepared by Mr Geoff Bullen (MAIG).  Mr  Bullen  has  the  necessary
experience  relevant  to  the style of mineralisation, the type of deposit and the activity  undertaken  to
qualify  as  a  'Competent Person' under the JORC Code for Reporting of Mineral Resources and Ore  Reserves
(2004  Edition).  Mr Bullen has given his consent to the inclusion of the material in the form and  context
in which it appears.  Mr Bullen is an employee of Aditya Birla Minerals Ltd.

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