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January 27, 2010 11:58 ET

Martin Door Device Limits Dangers of Falling Garage Doors

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - January 27, 2010) - The incidents tell a grim story about the dangers of a falling garage door.

In March of 2009, a three-year-old Palmdale, California infant was killed when a garage door malfunctioned and fell, hitting him on the head.

In early May, a six-year-old in Chicago was crushed by a garage door, which fell on him.

Only 20 days later on Chicago's south side a 33-year-old mother was killed when the door fell on her. She tried to lower a heavy garage door that had been damaged when her daughter accidentally drove into it.

All three deaths may have been prevented, if a device had been in place to keep the garage door from a free fall. Martin Garage Doors has introduced such a device, which is now standard on all Martin Door and Opener systems. It is offered as a choice on all doors sold without a Martin Door Opener. The device is called the Controlled Descent Device (CDD).

The CDD was developed in response to European safety standards. It stops a garage door from falling in case of a relaxed spring, broken spring or broken lift cable. Testing on the device was done at a certified German facility.

"Our Controlled Descent Device is the ultimate safety device for a garage door and opener system," says Dave Martin, chairman of Martin Garage Doors. Martin said the device gives the owner a lifetime of protection.

The device has the most value on a garage door with an opener. Pulling on the opener release cord to free the door from the opener during a power failure, etc., may surprise the owner as the door starts to rapidly fall. The CDD will instantly stop the door.

Dave Martin said some of the anti-drop devices developed in Europe often stop a falling door and then lock up, after a spring or cable breaks, requiring the homeowner to try and fix the problem, which is an added safety risk. He said this is another reason the safety mechanism is best designed with a Martin opener.

A Martin opener will not lift up a door with a broken spring like many other openers will, Martin said.

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