SOURCE: The Mattson Jack Group, Inc.

November 20, 2008 10:06 ET

MattsonJack Study Reveals Cachexia Emerging as a Lucrative Opportunity for Pharma Companies

ST. LOUIS, MO--(Marketwire - November 20, 2008) - Cachexia has emerged as a high-profile, high-potential-value supportive care indication in the oncology market and is potentially the most competitive and lucrative indication for the first novel agent approved, according to a physician study conducted by The Mattson Jack Group, Inc. (MattsonJack), a recognized leader in business analytics for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

According to MattsonJack's Supportive Care Perspectives™ report series, cancer-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV), anemia, and neutropenia historically have been the high-profile supportive care indications. However, the CINV market has become increasingly competitive due to generic erosion as well as increased efficacy benchmarks set by new branded agents such as Aloxi and the NK1 receptor antagonists, driving development activities to focus on reformulations of existing products. The anemia market has been hit with tighter regulations for using erythropoietin-stimulating agents, causing companies to second-guess entering the cancer-related anemia market. To date, the neutropenia and anemia markets in the United States and Japan have been protected by manufacturing patents, although the adoption of a regulatory pathway for follow-on biologics as adopted in Europe could increase development in the future. However, the approval of follow-on biologics in Europe has not spurred the development of innovative novel therapies for anemia or neutropenia, only "me-too" products.

"Cachexia is one indication that has benefitted from companies focusing efforts away from these other indications," said Gordon Gochenauer, Product Manager for Supportive Care Perspectives™. "Anorexia / cachexia could become one of the most competitive supportive care markets, with a large advantage going to the first novel agent approved for this indication."

Cancer-related cachexia affects approximately one-third of all cancer patients, or about 1 million people in the U.S., 1.3 million in the five major EU countries, and 300,000 in Japan. Treatment generally involves agents that are off-patent. However, seven agents are in Phase II or Phase III development, with another two in Phase I; these nine agents represent six unique mechanisms of action.

More in-depth information on cachexia and 14 additional supportive care conditions is available in Supportive Care Perspectives™, the only resource providing in-depth analysis of supportive care in the U.S. oncology market as well as epidemiology for Western Europe and Japan. Unique features include:

--  Validation of epidemiology data and market opportunities, with patient
    populations available for the United States, Western Europe, and Japan
--  Up-to-date analysis on the newest and most relevant agents in
--  In-depth primary market research with 2,479 physicians who treat
    199,000 patients monthly

Supportive Care Perspectives™ contains detailed modules for the United States, including background, patient populations, current treatment practices, emerging products, and commercial perspectives, for the following conditions:

--  Anemia
--  Neutropenia
--  Thrombocytopenia
--  Mucositis
--  Nausea and vomiting
--  Anorexia / cachexia
--  DVT / thrombosis
--  Hypercalcemia
--  Bone metastases
--  Brain metastases

In addition, Supportive Care Perspectives™ provides briefings on disease background, patient populations, therapy management, and emerging products on the following five conditions:

--  Xerostomia
--  Neuropathy
--  Pain
--  Live metastases
--  Lung metastases

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