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The Centre for International Governance Innovation

July 08, 2009 13:19 ET

Media Advisory: CIGI Experts Available for Comment on G8 Summit

WATERLOO, CANADA--(Marketwire - July 8, 2009) - Experts from The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) are available for comment and analysis on the Group of Eight (G8) Summit in L'Aquila Italy, from July 8-10th.  CIGI Distinguished Fellow Andrew Cooper and CIGI Senior Fellow Gregory Chin are stationed in the media centre at the summit. Other CIGI experts are available to comment from Waterloo, Toronto and Ottawa.

CIGI and Chatham House are writing a blog with research and commentary on the summit at:

Clint Abbott
– CIGI senior researcher, working primarily within the International Law, Institutions and Diplomacy working group, on the Breaking Global Deadlocks project. He can comment on multilateral and networked governance, international institutions, G8 and G20, energy and climate change policy.

Mohan Agarwal
– a CIGI senior visiting fellow, can comment on the situation of developing countries in the world economy and international economics. He has worked for both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. He has a long and distinguished record of expertise in international trade, development and economics as it relates to South Asia, and especially to India.

Colin Bradford
– a CIGI senior fellow, can comment on the G20 summit and IMF reform, different positions of industrial vs. emerging market members of the G20, the difference between "G8 enlargement" and the G20 replacing the G8 as the global steering committee, and different positions of Europe vs. the U.S. on IMF reform.

Gregory Chin
– a CIGI senior fellow, is available to comment on China's and the East Asian countries' response to the international financial crisis, the limits to the Chinese currency's role as an international currency, collective responses to the balance of payments challenges, remaking the Bretton Woods system and other global economic architecture, and the collective interests of the new G5/emerging powers grouping.

Jennifer Clapp
– a CIGI chair and program leader, available to comment on international food trade and the current food crisis, international agriculture trade and the WTO, international waste management issues, international agriculture biotechnology and biosafety policy, trade and the environment.

Andrew F. Cooper
– the associate director of CIGI and a distinguished fellow, can provide commentary on the rising economic and diplomatic power of countries, such as China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Mexico, as well as their inclusion in the G20 summit structure and the ongoing G8 Heiligendamm Dialogue Process; Canadian and comparative foreign policies; innovative diplomacy; global health; celebrity diplomacy; and global governance.

John Curtis
– a CIGI distinguished fellow, he can provide background and insight into factors leading to the current financial/economic crisis and policies, matters relating to international trade (WTO, NAFTA etc.), the performance of the world economy (history, policy, countries etc.). He is one of Canada's best recognized economic policy advisors and was the first Chief Economist at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT).

Michael Erdman
– CIGI project officer with the Shifting Global Order Working Group, is able to comment on recent G8 history and compliance of G8 member-states with plans made at previous G8 Summits and on trade and protectionism. Michael is able to provide commentary in French, Spanish and Italian.

Eric Helleiner
– a CIGI chair in International Governance, can comment on international financial regulation, the management of international payments imbalances, the history of the Bretton Woods system, the U.S. dollar's role as an international currency, globalization of finance, international debt and North American monetary relations.

Paul Heinbecker
– a CIGI distinguished fellow, has attended a dozen world summits. He can comment on Canadian foreign policy generally and specifically, including the G20 at the Leaders' level and summit processes; the UN; environmental policy issues, particularly climate change and the Kyoto protocol; international security including arms control and disarmament, human security, human rights, the International Criminal Court, the Middle East, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, the Iraq war, Kosovo, U.S. foreign policy and the EU and transatlantic policy issues, particularly Germany.

Daniel Schwanen
– CIGI deputy executive director of programs , can comment on the links between the financial markets and the real economy, macro-economic imbalances (fiscal and current account), impact of the global financial crisis and responses to it in Canada and abroad. Prior to CIGI, he was an international economist with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, where he covered G7 economic developments and the European Community single market process.

Ramesh Thakur
– CIGI distinguished fellow, the former vice rector and senior vice rector of the United Nations University in Tokyo (1998-2007) and assistant secretary-general of the United Nations. Dr. Thakur can comment on the genesis and role of the G20 at the Leaders' level in addressing global deadlocks. In September 2008 he was appointed inaugural director of the Balsillie School of International Affairs. He can comment on United Nations, peace operations, arms control and disarmament, Indian politics, international relations or Asia and the Pacific.

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