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January 02, 2008 09:00 ET

Media Advisory-OCE Gives CPRGlove a Helping Hand to Gain Market Viability

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 2, 2008) - Having gained credibility through positive articles in leading North American magazines, Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) is now giving the CPRGlove marketability.

Featured in Time magazine as part of its "Best Inventions of the Year" issue in November and named one of the "Top Ten Inventions of the Year" this summer by Popular Science magazine, the CPRGlove will move from a prototype to a commercial product thanks to an $80,000 grant from OCE’s Market Readiness initiative.

Three McMaster University biomedical engineering classmates, Corey Centen, Nilesh Patel and Sarah Smith designed the CPRGlove to show rescuers how to correctly perform CPR during a real emergency. It can also be used as a training device to help demonstrate proper technique. Made of a nylon-spandex composite, the CPRGlove is no larger than a garden glove and doesn't look out of the ordinary. But equipped with various sensors and an LCD screen, the glove can inform the user of where it should be placed on a victim's body, the victim's heart rate, and the depth, force and rate of compressions needed.

"This is yet another example of the caliber of ideas that come from Ontario university laboratories," said Mark Romoff, OCE's president and CEO. "However, innovative ideas like this need more than awards to become successful businesses. They need funding and OCE is committed to helping young researchers and entrepreneurs turn ideas that could have a profound impact on the province into prosperous business ventures."

With the OCE grant, the group is now focusing their efforts on market analysis, product development, an IP strategy and pursuing a contract with a design and manufacturing partner. The CPRGlove is also set to begin clinical trials at the Center for Resuscitation at the University of Pennsylvania in early 2008. The creators hope to begin selling a training model by the end of 2008 through Atreo Medical Inc. - the company they formed to market the glove.

OCE’s Centre of Excellence for Communications and Information Technology first learned of the CPRGlove at its own Discovery 2007 conference in May and recognized its potential as a standard component of any first-aid kit. "The Discovery conference was the most beneficial thing we've ever done," said Smith of the exposure the event provided. "It got us connected to OCE, to a core group of people that could help our company develop the networks it needs in order to become successful."

For the McMaster trio, inspiration came from a simple question - if presented with an emergency, would you be able to perform CPR accurately? Though they were trained in CPR in high school, all three students agreed that if put in such a situation, it was doubtful they could confidently perform CPR and save someone's life.

"That got us thinking about how we could use our biomedical engineering background to develop a technology, and we started researching the quality of CPR," said Smith. They discovered correctly administering CPR increases the chances of survival of someone suffering cardiac arrest by 400%, but only if administered correctly. With OCE's help, the inventors are confident the CPRGlove will give the public that opportunity.

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