Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited

November 03, 2005 09:48 ET

Media Advisory - What can one dollar do for Torontonians this holiday season?

Media Advisory - What can one dollar do for Torontonians this holiday season?
Using LED holiday lights, it can give them 15 days of continuous holiday
lighting...and conserve lots of electricity! But they have to give
Toronto Hydro their old lights first!

TORONTO, Nov. 3 /CNW/ - As the holiday season nears, and the city comes
alive with holiday lights, electricity usage will increase leaving many
Torontonians looking for ways they can save money on their electricity bills.
One dollar of electricity will go a long way this season if customers make the
switch to LED (Light Emitting Diode) holiday lights. One dollar will provide a
whopping 15 days of continuous LED holiday lighting versus only 15 hours using
old fashioned, inefficient incandescent holiday lights.
Toronto Hydro, in partnership with The Home Depot, is offering customers
the opportunity to take LED holiday lights home this season, conserve energy
and save money. On November 5th and 6th, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., or while
supplies last, Torontonians can bring in any set of traditional holiday lights
- indoor or outdoor - to any of The Home Depot's 12 Toronto locations in
exchange for one coupon for $7.00 off the purchase of a new string of LED
holiday lights courtesy of Toronto Hydro. There is a limit of two vouchers per
customer and the offer is valid on three types of LED holiday lights.
Depending on the type of LED lights purchased, this could be up to 50 per cent
in savings.

Why use LED holiday lights?

- They will burn continuously for 15 days for only one dollar in
electricity costs - that's 360 hours. Traditional holiday lights
will only burn for 15 hours;
- They are guaranteed for up to five years;
- They use up to 95 per cent less electricity than traditional bulbs;
- They generate electricity using different technology than traditional
lights and convert electricity to light without the use of a filament
or glass bulbs; and,
- They are virtually unbreakable and don't heat up which means they
very safe.

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