Redwell Infrared Heating

Redwell Infrared Heating

September 22, 2009 17:20 ET

Media Release: Ontario Company Heats Up N.A. Naturally

LONDON, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 22, 2009) - Anden Building Products is pleased to announce a new and hot addition to its line of home improvement products. The long-time innovative London company has secured the North American Distributorship for Redwell Infrared Heating Units and has launched a new website,, to exclusively promote and sell this European import across the continent.

Importing tried and tested green technologies from Europe, in this environmentally and energy savings conscious climate, makes good business sense. Anden President, Marcus Plowright is confident this is the right time to introduce a proven, environmentally friendly and intelligent heating technology. He says, "Infrared heating isn't new, in fact it's been around for centuries. Infrared is how the sun heats the earth. What's new is the advancement of the technology. The streamlined units provide a natural heat source that takes up little space and can be installed in minutes. It's smart heating and the efficiency of the units in converting electricity into heat is attractive to everyone looking to spend their heating dollars wisely."

The Redwell Infrared Heating Units are produced as functional mirrors, white boards, blackboards and even works of art. They blend into the decor of a room and the infrared waves, part of the natural spectrum of light, radiate warmth into the objects and people in the room. Once in place it's not unusual for the homeowner to be the only one who knows where the heat is coming from.

The units provide benefits to anyone with allergies or concerns about humidity levels in their home. Because the units radiate heat there are no fans pushing air or blowing dust or allergens around the home or office. The units lower the moisture content in the air and this reduces the chances of mould production. Healthy heating is one of the reasons why infrared is gaining popularity in the wellness sector.

Anden Building Products is an expert in the renovation industry and as many people choose to remodel and update their homes, they are pleased to find a supplemental or add on heating system that requires no venting or chimney. Keeping costs down and having heat where they need it, and when they need I, is a smart option for homeowners. While a gas fireplace may look attractive, it can't be moved or taken to the cottage and the cost of the unit and installation is substantial. Redwell infrared is a lesson in heating economics that 125 Europeans learn every working day; as worldwide sales continue to climb in over 20 countries. North America is the final major market for the technology and the sales and distribution will be from Canada.

"Selling the units online makes perfect sense for us and for today's educated consumer", says Mr. Plowright. "It's a solid technology and product, both CSA and UL approved, backed by a strong warranty and shipped directly to the customer's home. The decor options are easily displayed on the web with video and multi-media presentation. The elimination of the middleman keeps the cost affordable. A simple formula of square footage and wattage determines the size of the unit needed and we answer questions and provide additional information as requested by our customers."

Anden has a long and proud history having been started and based in London since 1962. Andy Spriet and Dennis Plowright (Andy/Denny = Anden) pioneered the business by offering cutting edge technologies in residential construction. Today, Marcus Plowright continues the Anden tradition, employs a diverse group of tradesmen and specializes in interior home renovations and exterior water management systems. Other product lines include LeafFilter and Better Basements.

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