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Media alert: Enea to have Major Presence at Freescale Technology Forum Americas 2010

KISTA, SWEDEN--(Marketwire - June 18, 2010) - Enea will offer technical presentations and demonstrate a wide range of software optimized for Freescale processors

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 18 June, 2010 - Enea (NASDAQ OMX Nordic: ENEA) today announced that it will present, discuss and demonstrate its realtime software platforms optimized for Freescale multicore processors and digital signal processors (DSPs) at the Freescale Technology Forum Americas (FTF). The event takes place next week - June 21-24 in Orlando, FL.

An Enea team ranging from technical experts to senior management will descend on FTF to engage with the Freescale ecosystem through technical presentations, panels and a leading role in the Technology Lab - where a wide range of Enea software tuned to meet the specific requirements of Freescale's processors including the QorIQ family of communications processors and StartCore DSPs will be shown in real-world application scenarios. An emphasis will be placed on the unique nature of the Enea software architecture to span from complex multicore CPUs to DSPs with the same programming model. This ability to scale across all system nodes with transparent Interprocess communication, simplifies the development of multicore and multiprocessor systems, speeds time to market and ensures reliability.

"FTF is a major event for Enea," said Mathias Båth, senior vice president of marketing at Enea. "As a Global Diamond Partner it is a great opportunity to deepen our strategic alliance with Freescale, connect with customers and take the pulse of the market place. We are expecting a great show."

This year FTF will showcase a variety of innovation semiconductor and software solutions both from Freescale and ecosystem partners through a program of over 350 hours of technical sessions and more than 175 product and solution demonstrations.

Technical Presentations

Enea will be presenting on a number critical issues facing developers of multicore systems including:

A Visionary Look into the Future of Embedded Multicore Operating Systems

Patrik Strömblad, Chief System Architect, OSE will take a visionary perspective on what role the RTOS will play in a multicore future. As we will discover, there may be several good reasons to question conventional operating system principles going forward. A case study based on Enea OSE® on Freescale's P4080 will be presented.

Multicore and the Convergence of Control Plane and Data Plane

Michael Christofferson, Director of Product Management will propose a single software architecture for multicore that simultaneously satisfies requirements for all use cases including such issues as: a) legacy migration issues, b) scalability - performance and implementation, and c) security and fault management.

Heterogeneous Computing from the RTOS Perspective

Daniel Forsgren, System Architect will talk about how increasing performance demands are driving the evolution of application specific hardware. We examine the OSE family of real-time operating systems in combination with Freescale's QorIQ processors and StarCore DSPs as the foundation for an effective, efficient and very powerful solution for heterogeneous systems.

Message-Passing in the OSE RTOS Family - Design Principles for Multicore Applications

Daniel Forsgren, System Architect takes an in-depth look at the OSE message passing concept and how it be used as foundation for both inter-process and inter-processor communication. We examine the fundamentals of OSE signaling, with code examples and performance figures for the Freescale MSC8156 multicore DSP.

Introduction to Enea Products

An introduction to a core set of multicore platform software solutions from Enea for Freescale processors and DSPs.

Panel Presentation: Virtualization Technology from Low-Power Dual-Core to High-Performance Eight-Core Solutions and More Magnus Karlsson, Senior Member of Technical Staff will join this panel to discuss the trends and technologies for virtual multicore platforms for various market segments

Technology Lab

Meet with Enea experts and see the latest award winning solutions for Freescale multicore communications processors and DSPs including:

Station 1: Enea OSE Multicore Edition Optimized for QorIQ P4080

Station 2: Comprehensive Enea Platform for Freescale AMC with P2020 and MSC8156

Station 3: Enea OSE®ck - Multicore DSP RTOS for StarCore DSPs

Station 4: Enea® Optima and Freescale CodeWarrior: Integrated Development

Station 5: Enea® Hypervisor: Multicore Simplified

Station 6: Enea OSE for Freescale i.MX Processors


Enea will co-host the Freescale Block Party on Wednesday June 23 at the JW Marriot in Orlando.

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