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Novadaq Technologies Inc.

March 22, 2005 09:00 ET

Medical City Doctors Predict Perfect Bypass Surgery

DALLAS, TEXAS—-(Marketwire – March 22, 2005) - Medical City announced today that Drs. Michael Mack and Mitchell Magee will be the first
team in the Southwest to perform heart bypass surgery utilizing the recently FDA-cleared SPY™ Intra-operative Imaging System for the
assessment of graft quality during bypass surgery. The first surgeries are scheduled for Wednesday, March 23, and Thursday, March 24,
2005 at Medical City.

"It is rewarding to see this innovative technology come to fruition. Our team participated in early research and development of this
system because we (surgeons) have been searching for a definitive way to confirm the quality of the bypasses placed on the heart during
surgery," said Dr. Mack. "Like our colleagues in cardiology, now surgeons can make adjustments, if necessary, during a procedure based on
live images, and avoid repeat surgery and associated complications."

Intra-operative graft angiography with the SPY system involves administration of fluorescent indocyanine green (ICG) and visualization of
the graft with dispersed laser light. The SPY Intra-operative Imaging System is the first fluorescent imaging system available for use
during bypass surgery.

SPY enables cardiac surgeons to simply and efficiently confirm proper placement of their bypass grafts and assess the functionality of
those grafts while the patient is still on the operating room table. Use of the SPY Imaging System may potentially reduce the number of
patients that must return to the operating room for the revision of improperly functioning or potentially misplaced grafts.

"Now we can be assured a truly successful bypass operation," said Dr. Magee "We predict this will be a standard of care in bypass

In 2005 over 400,000 bypass surgeries are likely to be performed in the United States alone. The SPY Imaging System is practical for use
in both traditional on-pump coronary artery bypass procedures, where the patient's heart is stopped and blood is pumped through the body
via a heart-lung machine, and off- pump coronary artery bypass procedures, where the heart is not stopped.

Unlike conventional X-ray imaging which is not practical for routine use during cardiac surgery, use of the SPY system does not involve
any ionizing radiation. Published data suggests that the SPY™ system provided similar quality images to traditional x-ray angiography,
a much more invasive procedure.

Medical City is a 598-bed tertiary medical center that includes the North Texas Hospital for Children at Medical City. Some 1,250
physicians are on the medical staff, along with over 2,600 hospital employees. Many of Medical City's programs have received national and
international recognition, including cardiovascular, craniofacial, oncology, and transplant services.

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