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April 13, 2010 16:28 ET

Medical Marketing Expert Aurora Information Technology Discusses Video Marketing as an Effective Marketing and SEO Strategy

GARRISON, NY--(Marketwire - April 13, 2010) -  When putting together a marketing strategy, be sure to earmark some monies to video marketing, advises Daniel Gilbert, CEO of Aurora Information Technology (Aurora IT), a medical marketing and medical website design company. Currently, the world's most popular video sharing website is YouTube, which is now exploding in popularity. Visitors are flocking to YouTube in growing numbers to search for information instead of using a traditional search engine. Google saw this coming a few years ago when they purchased YouTube. Savvy website marketers have long known this, and as a doctor or healthcare provider, it's helpful for you to know as well. 

The fact is that search engines love putting videos in search results, with YouTube garnering the highest results. Also, there is the time factor, where visitors start with a simple search and end up staying longer and viewing more than they intended to. This is YouTube's optimization genius, giving viewers a list of other videos they'd be interested in seeing and keeping them glued to their site. In 2009, it was reported that 77% of users came to YouTube intending to watch a single video but ended up watching several instead.

The biggest draw to online videos is how quickly they go viral. Favorite videos are shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, which are teeming with users willing to click and view. Viral video marketing is both massive and free, because viewers are marketing the video for you. This is why many medical practices and doctors have jumped on to the video marketing bandwagon, spreading out into other platforms such as Metacafe, Yahoo Video, and Vimeo, to name just a few.

But the main idea behind video marketing is demonstrating to viewers your product or service.
"People rely on visuals, which is why you should create a video that describes your practice or innovation to your targeted audience -- everything you want them to know about your product in great detail," explains Gilbert, "Vagueness is not an option and backlinking is vital to send your viewers back to your medical website for more information."

Aurora IT has successfully created and published many videos for their clients as part of their medical Internet marketing and medical website design strategy. Gilbert shares some medical video marketing tips that are sure to garner success for your practice, or hospital:

1. Get to the point: Make your video engaging and short, just under 5 minutes. With tons of content at their disposal, viewers understandably have short attention spans.

2. Read all about it: Create a catchy but informative headline and description, and keyword tags that will help you get found and get clicked.

3. Create your own channel: Devote a channel that promotes your practice and stream your content, and only your content, all the time. Doing so will give you highly desired rank-boosting "channel tags" and keywords.

4. Don't repeat yourself: With keywords and tags, don't just list your business name over and over; use popular search phrases related to your medical expertise or practice. Video visitors are pros at wording their search terms just right. It's important to stay one step ahead of them.

5. Give viewers a call to action: By asking viewers to rank or comment on your video, or even to post on their Facebook, you increase your exposure.

6. Share your own comments: Become a subscriber to other people's channels and comment on their videos, providing links back to your video or your site, especially if the topic is relevant.

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