The Medipattern Corporation

The Medipattern Corporation

November 23, 2007 06:30 ET

Medipattern Exhibits B-CAD Product Line in 7 Booths at RSNA

B-CAD™ will be demonstrated by GE Healthcare, Carestream, Confirma, Sectra, Cedara, SonoCine, and Medipattern

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 23, 2007) -

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The Medipattern Corporation (TSX VENTURE:MKI), an award-winning developer of computer-aided detection (CAD) medical imaging software designed to aid physicians in making better informed biopsy decisions and to permit a higher standard of care for the millions of patients at risk of cancer, is pleased to announce that seven new B-CAD products will be demonstrated at RSNA both in Medipattern's own booth and in Medipattern's partner booths. The seven new products include six versions of B-CAD for breast ultrasound imaging and one version for breast MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

Medipattern is the first and only company to cross the modality boundary, creating CAD products for breast ultrasound imaging and breast MRI from the same platform technology. The Company's B-CAD solutions have been found to save time, increase consistency in reading, and document information in greater detail, providing a better record for tracking patients. In addition to these other specialized solutions, Medipattern will, for the first time, be demonstrating B-CAD V1 for the US and B-CAD V2 for sale outside the US in its own booth, number 5515 in the south hall at RSNA. Both turnkey solutions are available for sale through Medipattern's partners listed below and its worldwide reseller distribution network.

GE Healthcare will be demonstrating the most current released version of B-CAD for the United States market integrated with its ViewPoint™ ultrasound workstation product line. The solution seamlessly receives images from the network, allows the physician to review them, runs CAD on the images and automatically creates the B-CAD standardized report using the American College of Radiology (ACR) BI-RADS® lexicon. ViewPoint can automatically post the completed reports directly onto industry-standard Radiology Information Systems (RIS) which in turn trigger patient follow-up visit scheduling and billing. ViewPoint and B-CAD streamline workflow for all diagnostic breast ultrasound procedures, reducing overhead, organizing information automatically, and speeding treatment. GE will be displaying B-CAD at Booth 1953 of the South Hall in the ultrasound products area.

Carestream Healthcare (formerly Kodak Healthcare) will be demonstrating B-CAD for the US market with its Carestream PACS solutions. B-CAD is integrated into Carestream PACS via the new Cedara C4™ plug-in Module. The radiologist reviewing the image clicks on the case to transfer the images into B-CAD where the radiologist can read with the benefit of CAD and report on the case. Carestream is located in the South Hall booth 2513 in the mammo solutions area.

Sectra Imtek AB will be demonstrating B-CAD using an integrated B-CAD Sectra plug-in module on its multimodality women's health IDS5 workstation. The case is automatically transferred from the review module to the CAD module for the radiologist to read breast ultrasound with the benefit of CAD. The completed reports are saved within the Sectra archive system. Sectra has booth 6413, in the North building.

Cedara Software (a Merge Company) will be demonstrating the B-CAD V1 C4 plug-in module as part of its Mammography Workstation I-Read Mammo™. Again, the patient images are transferred directly to CAD on this multi-modality workstation, which creates the report for storage and dissemination throughout the healthcare facility. Cedara is located at booth 1316, South Hall.

Confirma Inc. will be demonstrating B-CADMRI™ as part of the CADstream™ 5.0 release. This exciting new release will combine the award-winning B-CADMRI's morphology library with Confirma's award-winning kinetic CAD. In typical MRI breast imaging using kinetics, the patient is injected with a contrast agent, and this contrast agent is continuously collected, maintained at a level, or washed out of the lesion. Morphological analysis is the visual interpretation of the actual physical properties or morphology of the lesion for its smoothness, shape, or other physical characteristics. CADstream 5.0 brings together the strengths of kinetic and morphological analysis to create a more robust method for distinguishing between 'probably benign' or 'probably malignant' features. Confirma is at booth 7950, North Hall.

SonoCine will display a works-in-progress utilizing B-CAD on 3D breast ultrasound imaging, including the combination of detection and diagnosis. B-CAD automatically detects lesions using SonoCine's whole breast ultrasound imaging technology. One of the key issues in whole breast ultrasound is the volume of data generated by the procedure. B-CAD organizes this mass of data and easily detects areas that require review so that the radiologist can move efficiently through the data set. CAD is key to effectively reading the multiple images generated during a whole-breast ultrasound. Whole breast ultrasound is currently being considered as a screening method for those high-risk patients with dense tissue who cannot be imaged well with mammography. SonoCine will be in the NAI Tech Products booth 2909, South Hall.

"In the past year, Medipattern has grown from a single introductory B-CAD product for breast ultrasound to a global family of products for different systems and modalities providing flexible solutions for a variety of users, from small clinics through large-scale enterprises," commented Jeff Collins, CEO of The Medipattern Corporation. "Equally, our sales channel has grown to include 8 independent global resellers and 11 independent US resellers. Our partnership network has expanded from a single partner to include GE Healthcare, Confirma, Cedara, Carestream, Sectra, and SonoCine. Medipattern also has the honor of being included in many of the presentations by radiologists as part of breast training courses and technical papers during the week of RSNA."

Upcoming Events:

Medipattern will participate in the following events:

- Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), booth 5515, South Hall, November 25 to 29, 2007, Chicago, IL.

- European Congress of Radiology (ECR), March 7 to 11, Vienna, Austria.

The Medipattern Corporation

Medipattern develops computer-aided detection (CAD) solutions for medical imaging. These products enhance workflow while improving interpretive and diagnostic confidence. The Company's initial clinical applications are B-CAD™ for breast ultrasound and B-CADMRI™. Both have received awards for innovation in the industry. The B-CAD products use pattern recognition technology to assist radiologists in their efforts to classify and characterize lesions in images of the breast. Medipattern was founded to design software products that detect and identify lesions in breast imaging to support a higher standard of medical care. Please visit the company's website at:

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