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December 02, 2009 08:33 ET

Megola Announces Demonstrations of Hartindo Anti-Fire Products Performed at Fort Eustis

Megola, Vulcan Technologies and Innovative Green Solutions Collaborate in Demonstration to U.S. Military

POINT EDWARD, ON--(Marketwire - December 2, 2009) - Megola Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MGON) in collaboration with Vulcan Technologies and Innovative Green Solutions, is pleased to announce that it recently performed successful demonstrations of the Hartindo line of Anti-Fire products at the Fort Eustis U.S. Military base in Virginia.

The demonstrations were moderated by Mark Henderson (Colonel, USA, retired), and performed by David Williams of Hazmat4U and Hazmat1.

Demonstrations Performed

Demonstrations of the Hartindo Anti-Fire product line were witnessed by officers of both the Army and Coast Guard at the US Army Transportation Training Center at Fort Eustis.

These were presented by David Williams of Hazmat4U on behalf of Megola Inc., Vulcan Technologies, LLC and Innovative Green Solutions.

Demonstrations included Hartindo AF31 being used to extinguish small tray diesel fuel fires and similar trays with car tires set on fire. These were extinguished using portable extinguishers.

Hartindo AF21 inhibitor was sprayed on military clothing and demonstrated against untreated materials.

Further demonstrations exhibiting the effectiveness of Hartindo AF11E as a 1:1 Halon replacement were also presented in a closed chamber simulating a total flooding system and were compared against DuPont's FM200 product and with AF11E using half the amount of extinguishing agent.

Videos of the demonstrations performed at Fort Eustis will be made available on the Innovative Green Solutions web site IGS is a sales agent of Vulcan Technologies, LLC.

About Fort Eustis

The U.S. Army Transportation Center, Fort Eustis, is an 8,300-acre facility in southeastern Virginia, within the City of Newport News. Fort Eustis is the Transportation Corps Training Center, providing training in rail, marine, and amphibian operations and other modes of transportation. Fort Eustis and its satellite installation, Fort Story, are the home of the U.S. Army Transportation Center, U.S. Army Transportation School, NCO Academy, Army Aviation Logistics School, 8th Transportation Brigade and 7th Sustainment Brigade.

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About Mark Henderson (Colonel, USA, retired)

Mark Henderson spent 28 years as a career Army officer and retired from active service as a Colonel. During his career, he commanded Army tactical units from platoon to Brigade size. During his military career Mark spearheaded the development of the Army's strategic deployment strategy in the 1990s and was recognized as the Army's leading expert in austere port operations. From the military, Mark transitioned to corporate America, where he was responsible for distribution operations in support of 120 stores, in seven states, for a major retailer. Mark now utilizes his vast wealth of experience and contacts to represent Innovative Green Solutions.

About David Williams

David Williams, President and CEO of Hazmat4U and Hazmat1, is respected internationally and has been involved in the environmental industry for over 25 years, dealing directly with HAZMAT materials for the last 20. He is the first point of contact for testing and assessing new products to be used within the HAZMAT community. David's dedication to a clean environment and innate HAZMAT knowledge is highly recognized by several agencies he works with including the Greater Toronto Airports Authority and Police and Fire Emergency Services, such as bomb, marine, dive and HAZMAT response.

About Vulcan Technologies, LLC

Vulcan Technologies offers the exclusive line of Hartindo Anti-Fire Products, a complete line of proprietary, environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, water based products that can be used to prevent, contain and extinguish fires. With offices in New Jersey and New York, Vulcan works to find and develop valued business relationships for the Hartindo product line.

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About Innovative Green Solutions

Innovative Green Solutions (IGS) provides leading edge products to some of today's most serious problems. Our products save lives, create American jobs, help maintain and build our nation's infrastructure and reduce costs while preserving vital natural resources. IGS is a Women Owned Small Business that understands our Nation's need to create sustainable green solutions in our construction, transportation and facilities management projects. We are proudly and uniquely positioned to truly "Preserve Tomorrow with Today's Solutions."

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