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July 29, 2005 10:43 ET

Members Appointed to Faerie Films' Advisory Council

Distinguished Group to Provide Guidance and Expertise for Film Company's Documentary "Vending Machine"

ALISO VIEJO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 29, 2005 -- Faerie Films, LLC today announced the members of its advisory council. The 16-member panel will provide input and perspectives on a variety of issues related to the content, production and distribution of the film company's upcoming documentary "Vending Machine."

"Vending Machine," a full-length, theatrical-release documentary, will examine children's health issues as seen from the point-of-view of several authentic school age children that are being targeted by fast food marketing, deficient school food programs, social pressures, and today's fast paced lives. Faerie Films is presently in pre-production on the documentary, with the film's anticipated release date sometime in the Spring of 2006.

"By bringing together this renowned and talented group of industry professionals, their ideas, creativity and energy will ensure that our film project realizes its full potential, and will have an impact on the lives of our children," stated Jennifer Mattox, founder of Faerie Films and director of "Vending Machine."

The council members work in different regions of the county. They bring to the council varying degrees of experience from different industries. Council members serve on a voluntary basis and are appointed for an indefinite term.

"Faerie Films is pursuing truly important work, not just in educating parents about nutrition, but in shaping the very health of future generations. I predict a wave of school nutrition legislation following the release of this film. In the battle for the health of our children, Faerie Films is poised to strike a devastating blow to the exploitive food and soft drink companies that prey on childrens' health," commented Mike Adams, advisory council member, author and holistic nutritionist.

"I look forward to collaborating with Faerie Films in the making of 'Vending Machine,' this subject needs to be addressed without delay, and a documentary for teens is an ideal vehicle," said Debby Takikawa, advisory council member and director of the award-winning documentary "What Babies Want."

"Together we will work to empower students, and enable them to make healthier choices and live more vibrant lives," stated Jacqueline Domac advisory council member and health educator and policy consultant, Los Angeles Unified School District.

"We applaud Faerie Films for tackling the subject of teen nutrition and health, nothing is more important than collectively addressing the well-being of our youth," commented John Monaco, MD, pediatrician.

Other Advisory Council members include:

--  Valerie Gill, Producer, "Ocean Odyssey"
--  Rick Stewart, Producer/Director, "piXvfm"
--  Carol Simontacchi, Author, "The Crazy Makers: How Fast Foods are
    Killing Our Minds and Destroying Our Children"
--  Victoria Boutenko, A Raw Food Guru and author, "12 Steps to Raw Foods"
--  Leon Rappoport, PhD, Author, "How We Eat"
--  David Levitsky, PhD, Professor, Nutritional Sciences, Rutgers
--  Anthony Zolezzi, Co-author, "Chemical Free Kids"
--  Dr. Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible International
--  Marlene B. Schwartz, PhD, Co-Director of the Yale Center for Eating
    and Weight Disorders
--  Brenda Farrell, President, Brenda Farrell Research
--  Michael A. Bedar, Founder, Producer, Director, environ-MENTAL
--  Gabriel Cousens, MD, Founder-Director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation
    Center and author of "Spiritual Nutrition, Conscious Eating and Rainbow
    Green Live-Food Cuisine"
"Faerie Films has assembled an extraordinary panel of experts from diverse disciplines to contribute to the making of our first film," said Doug Clemons, producer of "Vending Machine." "We couldn't be more pleased with the caliber of individuals we have on-board."

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