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March 08, 2005 12:05 ET

Metconnex, Hitachi Cable and ANDevices Showcase Multi-degree ROADM Building Blocks in Live Demonstration at OFC/NFOEC 2005





MARCH 8, 2005 - 12:05 ET

Metconnex, Hitachi Cable and ANDevices Showcase
Multi-degree ROADM Building Blocks in Live
Demonstration at OFC/NFOEC 2005

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA--(CCNMatthews - March 8, 2005) -

WSS-based ROADM maximizes 10G cascadability and supports emerging ring
interconnect, mesh and 40G requirements without fork lift upgrade

Metconnex, Hitachi Cable and ANDevices, today announced the showcasing
of their advanced modules in a live, high performance, multi-degree
ROADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexer) subsystem
demonstration at OFC/NFOEC 2005. This solution highlights the optimal
level of integration for subsystem and system suppliers to deliver
maximum cascadability for today's 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps)
requirements and to support emerging ring interconnect, mesh and 40 Gbps
requirements without a forklift upgrade. The demonstration is being
conducted at Metconnex's booth #1170.

Unlike those based on wavelength blockers or integrated planar lightwave
circuit (IPLC)-based switch/multiplexers, this subsystem delivers cost
effective, multi-degree connectivity by combining an optimized WSS with
industry standard modules from leading suppliers. The four degree ROADM
subsystem includes north, east, south and west interfaces and consists
of the following building blocks: Metconnex's recently announced WSS
5200, a 45 channel 1x4 Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS); Hitachi
Cable's multi-source agreement (MSA)-compliant Variable Optical
Attenuator (VOA)/Multiplexer; and ANDevice's APMUX1100 Array Waveguide
Grating (AWG).

The modules' high level command interfaces have been integrated into a
single graphical display enabling any of the subsystem's wavelengths to
be added, dropped, attenuated or routed to multiple express paths The
wide, flat passband of the subsystem's WSS is compatible with 32 module
cascades at 10 Gbps and 16 cascades at 40 Gbps and supports more than a
40% increase in wavelengths over alternative approaches. A demonstration
overview can be found at

"Carriers are now demanding multi-degree ROADM solutions with 40 Gbps
compatibility to provide a smooth upgrade path to ring interconnect and
mesh architectures and to support increasing traffic growth", said Peter
Becke, Metconnex's president and chief executive officer. "Our hybrid
integrated PLC (HI-PLC) technology enables us to deliver a portfolio of
products including the 1x4 WSS we are showcasing, the industry's most
cost effective WSS, optimized for this hub application."

"This demonstration illustrates the strength and versatility of PLC
technology," said Jacob Sun, president and chief executive officer of
ANDevices. "By combining PLC's strength in filtering with the power of
hybrid integration, system and subsystem suppliers can use these
building blocks to deliver the right functionality at the best price."

"This showcase reinforces Hitachi Cable's strategy to work with industry
leaders as previously demonstrated in our introduction of MSAs for AWGs
and VOA/AWGs," said Mitsuo Imai, a Director and Deputy Group Executive
of the Information Systems Group of Hitachi Cable. "Hitachi Cable will
continue to introduce multi-functional, intelligent optical modules
based optimal technologies and play a strong role in the growing ROADM

Visitors to Metconnex's stand (#1170) at OFC/NFOEC 2005, held in
Anaheim, California from March 8-10, 2005 will be welcomed to view the
multi-degree ROADM subsystem building block demonstration.

About Metconnex

Metconnex is a leading supplier of wavelength selective switch (WSS)
modules for use in reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers
(ROADMs). The company's hybrid integration platform enabled by planar
lightwave circuits (HI-PLC) leverages the cost advantage of PLC
technology, while delivering high performance, low power consumption and
extensibility. The company's WSS portfolio enables system and subsystem
vendors to build flexible products with significant advantages in cost,
performance and size across multiple applications and markets. For more
information visit us on the web at , call
+1.613.254.9600 or visit our booth #1170 at OFC/NFOEC2005.

About Hitachi Cable

Hitachi Cable, Ltd., is the solution provider supporting daily global
communication needs, by innovating a variety of cabling products from
Optical Fiber Cables (Terrestrial and Submarine), Base Transmitting
Station Cables and Antennas, FTTH components and Optical Transceivers.
Hitachi Cable as an original leading manufacturer of Array Waveguide
Gratings filters, Interleaver and Splitter based on Planar Lightwave
Circuit technology, supports the key function of DWDM systems since its
beginnings. For more detailed information, visit our web site:

About ANDevices

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, ANDevices Inc. is made up of a
management buy-out team from Axon Photonics and boasts top talent in
silica waveguide technology. Funded by venture capital from AsiaTech
Management and private placements from Silicon Valley angel investors,
ANDevices has gained significant revenue from its diversified product
lines, including DWDM products, FTTH/FTTP products, custom products and
foundry services. For more information on ANDevices, visit us on the web
at or call +1.510.226.8900 or visit our booth #3227 at


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