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Method123 Ltd

August 23, 2010 11:15 ET

Method123 Announces the Release of Their Quality Management Process Template for Project Managers

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 23, 2010) - Method123 has just announced today the release of their newest full featured Project Management Template – the Quality Management Process template.

The Quality Management Process helps the project manager and team set up how quality will be handled and measured on the project. With the proper quality procedures in place, your customer will be assured of receiving a quality solution, quality deliverables and will gain significant confidence in your delivery team. Knowing their project dollars aren't being left to chance will make them want to come back to your organization for more successful work in the future.

Indeed, project quality is difficult to measure and even harder to guarantee. With a Quality Management Process in place during the Project Planning project planning process, your organization will be able to boast to customers about the repeatable processes that are being incorporated into their projects across the board.

"Quality is something that should be ingrained in the Project Management Methodology throughout the entire engagement," states Jason Westland, CEO and president of Method123 Ltd. "Our Quality Management Process template will help your organization setup the proper quality infrastructure to manage all of their projects for their customers. It's an ongoing win for your organization, far beyond just your current project."

With Method123's Quality Management Process, an organization can create their own quality assurance policies and implement them smoothly so that positive progress is realized on all projects going forward. It will increase executive leadership's confidence in the quality of your deliverables and provide great returns in the form of customer confidence and satisfaction as well as repeat business.

With the Quality Management Process template, the Project Manager and organization will be able to:

  • Define project quality goals to be met by projects and team members
  • Plan for how performance against quality goals will be measured and reported
  • Identify corrective action to take on quality issues
  • Target areas for quality improvements
  • Create reports on overall project and deliverable quality throughout the entire project portfolio

The Quality Management Process will help you:

  • Define and perform quality assurance tests and checks
  • Better prepare for acceptance testing and approvals
  • Take certain quality control measures
  • Identify areas for improvement and begin to take action

"In this economy surviving in the midst of stiff competition is difficult and never a sure thing. Any edge is a good edge," says Westland. "Many companies are sacrificing quality to allow for price cuts. Customers still want quality and when they see companies taking great measures to ensure that, it can mean the difference between retaining customers and losing customers. Use our Quality Management Process to make sure you're company is creating quality deliverables and outputs on their projects. The customer is important and this is one way you can really show them that and shine."

The Quality Management Process template and the full Project Management Kit product offering are both available for purchase and download at Method123's website. For more information on all of Method123's templates and products, please visit their website at

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