SOURCE: Bubble Press

April 13, 2010 11:11 ET

"Metropause" Is Not Awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - April 13, 2010) -  The authors of the novel Metropause, published by Bubble Press, are pleased to announce that their comedy did not win the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. With the fiction award going to Tinkers, it ends a longstanding concern of typing in all those zeros at the ATM when depositing the $10,000 award check. While we, and likely some of the characters in Metropause are aware of the value of a free lunch, the invite to the Pulitzer luncheon in May would have been troublesome: What to wear? How to annunciate "Pulitzer" with Caesar salad dressing on one's chin? Thankfully, none of these questions need be answered, and the authors can continue their paparazzi-free lives.

"Our next major goal is to avoid selling the film rights to a major studio," said Frank Lulias, coauthor of Metropause. "If we can do that, and steer clear of Oprah until her show is off the air, we will be in a good place."

"Of course," warned Mark Evan, coauthor of Metropause, "couch time on Oprah is not the only threat. NPR is always lurking and the thought of Susan Stamberg and Terry Gross having a nasty catfight over who gets the first interview has kept me awake many a night. Metropause is first and foremost a comedy and it was never meant to incite violence -- especially among NPR elite."

While the authors have managed to stay below the radar for now, there's no guarantee that these halcyon days will continue. "It's one thing to evade the likes of The New Yorker or The Today Show," said Frank Lulias, "but with the book being available on Amazon 24x7, we have a recurring fear that anyone can buy it at any time."

About Metropause
Inspired by the seemingly idyllic Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle where both authors live, the book explores the intrigue behind the Mayberry facade. The characters are a mix: straight, gay, single, married, some behaving badly, some with dignity and others just swimming in denial. The book is a comedy with a uniquely caffeinated Seattle tempo plus a hint of San Francisco fatalism. For more details, please visit our state-of-the-art website at where you can marvel at the book's elegant cover.

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