June 26, 2009 04:00 ET

MicroCapster.com Asks: Is Small Cap the New Big? (Part II)

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(Marketwire - June 26, 2009) - MicroCapster.com

Small cap companies offer a far greater opportunity for rapid appreciation of shareholder value than big companies.

All big businesses were, at one time, small businesses and a dream. There are many small companies who need capital to expand and finance worthwhile business objectives. Due to the general lack of resources available to small business elsewhere, the capital markets are a critical source of funding. We admit that all too many penny stocks are either bad ideas that haven't given up (yet) or blatant pump and dumps. However, we also believe that there are many potentially game changing diamonds in the rough. Look for these companies and our analysis of them in our newsletter.

Properly researched and vetted, a small investment when combined with thousands of other investors (including us) can make a big difference in small companies with big ideas. Small companies founded on realistic ideas and solid business practices are capable of incredible growth. Having a stock go up five cents usually isn't much, but if you bought in at five cents, you doubled your money. If the stock goes to a buck or more, you are looking at multipliers that will dwarf the possible return from any other small investment. Having the foresight to invest early in growing companies with great ideas is the key to creating real wealth in the stock market.

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