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January 15, 2008 08:15 ET

Mindreef Enhances SOAPscope Server WS-Security Support and Introduces New Role-Specific Products for Architects, Testers and Developers

Role-Based Products Provide Cost-Effective Stepping Stones From the Desktop to the Server; Lets Users Verify Adherence to WS-Security Standards While Ensuring Trust, Confidence and Agility

HOLLIS, NH--(Marketwire - January 15, 2008) - Mindreef®, Inc., The SOA Quality Company™, today announced availability of SOAPscope Server 6.1, the latest offering of the company's flagship collaborative team-based solution for testing and verifying the quality of service-oriented architectures (SOAs). Highlights include support for several OASIS WS-Security standards requested by customers; this underscores that the use of practical elements from the advanced Web services standards and profiles is increasing as SOA adoption continues. The company also introduced three new desktop products: SOAPscope Architect™, SOAPscope Tester™, and SOAPscope Developer™ -- each combining best-in-class Mindreef tools and capabilities tailored for individual roles within Web services and SOA project teams. These enhanced offerings are available for purchase or no-risk evaluation at

The Mindreef SOAPscope Server product family allows teams and individuals to choose the most effective mix of product features and pricing based on their needs and those of their SOA project. The new and enhanced products combine valuable Mindreef features into targeted offerings:

SOAPscope Server 6.1 is the industry's leading team-based solution for testing and verifying the quality of service-oriented architectures. It encapsulates all of the features that Mindreef provides for architects, developers, testers and support engineers into a single, server-based solution that allows entire project teams -- from analysts to management -- to collaborate effectively while delivering well-tested, scalable and policy-compliant Web services and composite applications.

SOAPscope Architect 6.1 is a powerful design-time governance and SOA quality and testing platform for policy rules authoring, design-time support, prototyping, change-time and run-time support. SOAPscope Architect provides the ability to establish SOA design standards by combining codified industry policy sets with customized and codified organizational best practices, easily enforcing compliance throughout design and development.

SOAPscope Tester 6.1 is a testing and SOA quality platform that brings powerful load testing and test automation capabilities early to the service lifecycle. It provides an integrated set of tools for Web services performance and load testing, design-time support, prototyping, change-time and run-time support. SOAPscope Tester enables QA engineers, testers and consultants to identify quality problems and potential performance bottlenecks early in the lifecycle, saving time and money while improving Web services quality, trust and reuse.

SOAPscope Developer 6.1 is a cost-effective desktop platform with integrated tools for problem diagnosis and resolution, unit testing, and supporting service consumers. SOAPscope Developer helps developers and support engineers successfully create, test, deliver and support Web services and SOAs and improve productivity by simplifying and automating tedious and time-consuming XML-oriented tasks, and improving service quality.

The newly expanded SOAPscope Server product line provides individuals and small teams -- especially those who are new to Web services -- with easy-to-use and cost effective role-based products. This gives architects, testers and developers the advantages they need at the desktop to make sure quality, compliance and performance are happening throughout the SOA and service process. Then, as the whole team starts to work together effectively throughout a project or across the company, they can easily migrate to SOAPscope Server for cross-team collaboration. All Version 6.1 products are built upon a common foundation, allowing users to preserve data in individual Workspaces that can be shared across the entire project team when they migrate from desktop products to SOAPscope Server.

"Mindreef SOAPscope Server has long been known as a strong SOA Quality and team collaboration solution," said Jason Bloomberg, Managing Partner at ZapThink. "The new SOAPscope Architect, SOAPscope Tester, and SOAPscope Developer products provide organizations that are at the early stages of their SOA initiatives a cost-effective entry point with straightforward role-based products for everyone on the team. Later, as their SOA implementations mature, they can seamlessly move up to the more powerful SOAPscope Server to drive SOA Quality and cross-team collaboration."

Support for WS-Security Testing and Validation

All Version 6.1 Mindreef products can be used to test Web services that use WS-Security by invoking and resending protected SOAP messages, and running Scenario Tests using UsernameTokenProfile, X.509 Token Profile, signing, and encrypting. Users can create working security profiles for different WS-Security configurations and switch between those profiles during testing.

In SOAPscope Server 6.1, WS-Security profiles can be created for each Service Space™, a container that allows teams to organize, collaborate and share assets with other project team members. This allows users in the same service space to quickly and easily run tests using any of the pre-defined profiles. If there are one or more security experts on the project team, they can create profiles that can be quickly and easily shared with all SOAPscope Server users for WS-Security testing.

"WS-Security is helping companies increase message identity, integrity and confidentiality, especially within higher-level Web services and composite applications; yet, project teams have been lacking the ability to quickly and easily check for adherence to standards as services are being created, tested and implemented," said Frank Grossman, president and CTO of Mindreef. "Our newly expanded product line simplifies the ability to test and verify adherence to WS-Security standards, while also giving teams and individuals the features that are most valuable to them and those of their SOA project."

Product Licensing and Availability

Version 6.1 of SOAPscope Server, SOAPscope Architect, SOAPscope Tester and SOAPscope Developer are generally available from the company for purchase or as an upgrade for licensed 5.x or 6.0 customers. To learn more about Mindreef product licensing and service options, or to request an evaluation copy, call (603) 465-2204 ext. 581 or email:

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