SOURCE: Mineralogie

October 23, 2007 09:00 ET

Mineralogie's Environmentally Friendly Products, Packaging, & Operations Lead the Cosmetic Industry Again

How Green Is Your Make Up?

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - October 23, 2007) - Mineralogie today announced it has gone beyond its healthy, glamorous mineral make up products to "go green" throughout the company. From the new packaging, to its energy, and throughout its operations, Mineralogie is the first make up company to have an eco-friendly operation.

For starters, the company recently converted its packaging to new solutions made from recycled paper printed with soy ink, and uses green products for shipping such as Milo grain resin biodegradable peanuts.

"As the first mineral make up company to produce eco-friendly make up that is both good for the planet and for your skin, we are proud to now deliver that product in earth-friendly packaging," said Mary Van, President and Owner of Mineralogie. "Simply put, Mineralogie is free of harmful chemicals, both inside and outside the packaging."

Mineralogie has taken yet another step forward and transformed its operations with green practices. The company now buys power from Green Mountain Energy, further reducing air pollution, and provides energy-efficient light bulbs for all workspaces and even for employees to take home. When possible, Van rides her bicycle to work, or drives her hybrid vehicle. Employees work some shifts from home to lower car emissions.

Van insists she's not a tree hugger; she's simply making smart choices -- conscious choices she hopes others will join her in making. "Every little bit helps if everyone is doing a little bit... and for those who do more -- way to go!!! I think becoming aware is probably the first step to making the choice to be greener."

"I believe the choices we make affect all of us eventually," said Van. "It's important to me to know Mineralogie has made choices that will leave a softer footprint on the earth."

It would appear that Mineralogie has joined with Hollywood's growing list of green celebrities -- Cameron Diaz, Salma Hayek, Sheryl Crow, Diane Keaton and Brad Pitt -- as the messaging for going green gets louder.

ABOUT MINERALOGIE: Mineralogie is the leading provider of mineral-based cosmetics. Products are of the highest pharmaceutical grade, containing the most pure, natural ingredients, free of harsh chemicals. Mineralogie provides an extensive color palette that blends with every skin tone. 33 standard foundation shades are available as well as a custom blending option. Products are sold exclusively through high-end spas, salons, and physician's offices. Private labeling is also available.

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