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November 16, 2009 02:00 ET

Minex Further Update

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                             16 NOV 09
                                       World Mining Services Ltd
                                 FURTHER UPDATE ON MINEX TECHNOLOGIES

Following  the progress update released on 2 November 2009, World Mining Services Limited(WMS),the
Isle of Man based  mineral products and services company, announces that Minex Technologies Ltd("Minex")
has completed a fund raise.

Minex has a proprietary process for extracting metals. Minex has issued a further 120 new shares at 
a price of £250 per share raising £30,000. Following the recent issues by Minex, WMS holds 11,600 Minex
shares representing 9.68% of Minex's issued share capital. Based on the latest issue price of £250 per 
share, the value of WMS's shareholding in Minex equates to £2.9m.

The Directors of WMS accept responsibility for this announcement.
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