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November 07, 2007 08:00 ET

Miracle Applications Acquires Global Triad Inc.

Company Updates Shareholders on New Business Operations

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - November 7, 2007) - Miracle Applications Corp., a Deerfield Beach , Florida-based company that has developed specialty chemical compounds that serve both the industrial and consumer market segments has signed a purchase agreement with Global Triad, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GBTD). The announcement came today as the company has completed an acquisition of Global Triad Inc. This transaction resulted in a change of control and ownership of Global Triad. The name change from Global Triad Inc to Miracle Applications will take place prior to years end along with a symbol change.

Operating since 1984, Miracle Applications' customers for is product line of premium polishes, odor control and sanitizing products includes stadiums in the NFL, MLB and the NBA as well as the Supreme Court of the United States, the Iowa State Fair, A&P Foods , Kmart , Bunzl York and The Wyndham Hotel.

Miracle Applications has conducted research and development of products that fill a perceived void in odor control industries and restorative polishes which applications through ongoing research projects and working closely with there existing customer base, Miracle Applications has formulated several proprietary chemical compounds to serve both industrial and consumer market segments. The company believes that two of the products are unique in the polishing marketplace because they actually re-plate silver by adding a layer of 99.999% pure silver without having to electroplate your silver products as well plate chrome surfaces which adds a new protective coating by just rubbing the polish on to the surface of either your silver or chrome applications.

Miracle Applications currently manufactures eight different products that are being sold on a limited basis by national distributors, catalog companies and retail outlets. Miracle Applications manufactures its products in customizable packaging and sizes that meets the large volume need of commercial users as well as household size packaging for individual consumers. The manufacturing, distribution and warehouse facility is located in Homestead, Florida.

Miracle Applications' products include:

--  Miracle Dumpster Fresh, an environmentally safe, non-poisonous,
    biodegradable crystalline granular formulation that also neutralizes the
    acids that build up in dumpsters, fights bacteria and protects against
    dumpster corrosion.
--  Miracle Kitchen Fresh Plus is a specially formulated kitchen cleaner
    that has been developed to kill bacteria, deodorize and sanitize.  It
    controls and eliminates odors and bacteria as well as cleans and degreases.
--  Miracle Kitty Fresh Plus is a solid odor control system that
    counteracts kitty litter odor and is safe and harmless to all breeds of
--  Miracle Silver Plus which will re-plate silver and silver plate with a
    new layer of 99.999% pure silver as you polish.
--  Miracle Wash & Wax Plus is an all-in-one application that washes,
    waxes and protects all in a single step.
--  Miracle Chrome Plus will re-plate chrome with a thin layer of new
    metal as the polish is being applied to add full protection and shine.
--  Miracle Brass plus, a brass polish which will create an exception
    shine for all your restorations and your Brass Polishing needs.
--  Miracle Copper plus, a copper polish.

Miracle Applications is also conducting ongoing research and development operations which are tasked with identifying new marketing potentials. The newest product which is being readied for consumer testing is Miracle Diaper Genie Pouches, diaper pail deodorizer.

Miracle Application's has a total of seven employees, including its executive officers.

Miracle Application's executive officers and directors are as set forth below:

           Name               Age               Position

       Dymphna Galpern        29      President, Treasurer, and Director

       Jeffrey Galpern        38      Director

       Theodore S. Davis      43      Secretary

Mrs. Dymphna Galpern has served as Miracle Application's President, Treasurer and director since March 2004. Mr. Jeffrey H. Galpern has been a director since 2004, and Mr. Theodore S. Davis has just joined the company as Secretary and was appointed to our Board of Directors.

Mrs. Galpern is responsible for propriety sales and marketing for Miracle Applications, as well as seeing over the company's daily operations.

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