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April 23, 2008 09:30 ET

Mitrionics Promotes Parallel Programming and Accelerated Computing to Academic Institutions With Free Mitrion SDK Personal Edition

McGill University Uses Mitrion Platform for Teaching Graduate-Level Parallel Programming

LOS GATOS, CA--(Marketwire - April 23, 2008) - Mitrionics™, Inc., developer of the Mitrion™ Software Acceleration Platform and the Mitrion Virtual Processor, today announced a free, downloadable, software development kit (SDK), for developers, students, professors, and academic institutions worldwide. Hardware acceleration technologies, platforms, and products are being accepted into the mainstream by global industry leaders like Intel, AMD, Xilinx, SGI, Cray, and others. Currently, there exists a critical shortage of software developers who are experienced and knowledgeable in the concepts and practicalities of parallel programming, which is the main component of all accelerated computing. The Mitrion SDK Personal Edition (PE) requires no hardware, other than a PC, and is designed to help educate future developers of accelerated applications by promoting parallel programming worldwide.

"We taught parallel programming using the Mitrion Platform during the past two fall semesters as part of our graduate-level coursework," said Warren Gross, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, McGill University. "The Mitrion-C programming language is well suited for teaching because it is very software centric, and the students were able to successfully develop an accelerated application as part of their course grade."

"Acceleration technologies, platforms, and products are being accepted into the mainstream by global industry leaders like Intel, AMD, Xilinx, SGI, Cray, and others," said Mike Calise, executive vice president and general manager of Mitrionics, Inc. "Parallel programming is a main component for all accelerated computing and the shortage of software developers with parallel programming knowledge is about to become a bottle neck. By offering our free hardware independent Mitrion SDK PE to academic institutions worldwide we hope to bridge this gap."

The Mitrion SDK Personal Edition (PE) will allow researchers, scientists, developers, institutions, and independent software vendors (ISVs) to develop and accelerate a wide range of supercomputing applications to run on the Mitrion Virtual Processor installed on FPGA-based computer systems. The software-centric Mitrion SDK is the fastest and easiest way to accelerate an application's performance by programming the computationally intensive part of the application to run on an FPGA. The Mitrion SDK is different from all other FPGA programming solutions because it requires absolutely no hardware design skills or experience. The Mitrion SDK PE can be downloaded for free at

Mitrion SDK PE

The Mitrion Software Development Kit Personal Edition is a free version of the Mitrion SDK that allows the development of accelerated applications for the Mitrion Virtual Processor without access to FPGA hardware. The Mitrion SDK PE is a complete development environment for Mitrion-C applications. It includes an IDE, a Mitrion-C compiler and a graphical debugger. It does not, however, include the capability to generate Mitrion Virtual Processors that will run in FPGA hardware. To do this the commercial version of Mitrion SDK is required.

The Mitrion SDK PE provides the ability to:

--  write and debug Mitrion-C applications for the Mitrion Virtual
--  simulate their interaction with programs running on the host CPU
--  determine their actual performance on different FPGA platforms

Mitrion-C: The Mitrion-C programming language is an implicitly parallel programming language with syntax very similar to C. With Mitrion-C it is easy for programmers to learn how to write software that takes advantage of all the parallelism available from the Mitrion Virtual Processor.

Mitrion Compiler and Debugger: The Mitrion Compiler and the Debugger are available as a command-line tool or directly from inside the Mitrion Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The Mitrion Debugger is a graphical debugger and code-simulator. It simplifies finding programming errors, performance bottlenecks and inefficient code. All common debugging tools, such as watch point, breakpoints and call-dependencies are provided.

The Mitrion SDK PE is supported on Linux/UNIX, Windows and Mac OS X.

About Mitrionics

Founded in 2001, Mitrionics, Inc. is the technology leader in FPGA-based Accelerated Computing providing higher processing power and a greener computing alternative, because of lower energy consumption, than clusters of computer systems. The Mitrion Software Acceleration Platform, including the Mitrion Virtual Processor, demonstrates its potential in the Mitrion Accelerated BLAST-n, running 60x faster compared to 2.8GHz AMD Opteron Processor1. The Mitrion Platform is unique from any other FPGA programming solution, because it eliminates the need for circuit design skills, thus making FPGA performance accessible to scientists and developers all over the world. Mitrionics has key industry relationships with Cray, DRC, Intel, Nallatech, SGI and XtremeData. For more information, visit the company Web site at, or call 408-966-8500, or email:

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