Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc.

Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc.

April 14, 2010 12:38 ET

Mitsubishi Launches Canadian Produced TV Spot Based on the Fable of The Frog Prince

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 13, 2010) -

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Designed to highlight the desirability of the 2010 Lancer sedan, Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada just launched a new Canadian produced television advertisement, based on the fable The Frog Prince. This is the first Lancer specific TV commercial since the spring of 2008.

The television spot, filmed in Port Moody, British Columbia and created by BBDO Toronto, starts off like a typical car commercial, with the Lancer driving down a long winding road. However, the female driving the car notices something on the road up ahead. She swerves to ensure she misses what is on the road, stops and sees there are frogs everywhere. Getting out of the car, she scares most of the frogs away with the exception of one. As she walks towards the frog, she hears "Kiss me, kiss me please." Looking around and remembering the Frog and the Prince fairy tale, she picks up the frog and gives him a kiss. Just like the fairy tale, the frog turns into a handsome Prince. 

Dismounting from his horse, the handsome prince notices the 2010 Lancer and decides to take the Lancer instead of his "Princess Savior".

"This spot continues Mitsubishi's strategy of breaking through the clutter with commercials that are fun, engaging and grab the viewers' attention", said Peter Renz, Director of National Marketing for Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada.

BBDO Toronto also created an amusing alternate ending that can be viewed only on Facebook, along with the broadcast version. Within Mitsubishi's Facebook fan page, other engaging elements and Lancer specifications have been added to provide entertainment and product awareness for our fans.

This 1-minute television spot will air during several top 20 programs, providing a high-profile TV schedule. This includes prime time news, sporting events, movies, crime drama, and reality shows and sitcoms. In addition, the commercial will air in High Definition on a variety of stations, allowing viewers to experience the spot in the best quality. Over 12,000 spots have been purchased, generating an estimated 284,975,025 impressions across the country.

As an added twist, during the filming of the commercial, there was a documentary film crew onsite filming the frog handler, Gary Oliver, from Cinemazoo animal agency. Only a handful of frogs were used for the commercial, while hundreds of digital frogs were created by the visual effects company, The Brickyard.

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