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January 17, 2008 01:00 ET

Mobile Email Demystified for Marketers!

Over Two-Dozen Market Leaders Announce the 1st and Only Commercially Available Mobile Email Optimization Solution

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - January 17, 2008) - No longer a privilege reserved for the business elite, mobile email is exploding for the masses with consumers around the world rating email as one of their top two must-have's in their mobile devices. According to analysts, the increasing availability of smarter and less expensive phones will result in a phenomenal 1600% growth rate in the number of business and consumer users with access to mobile email over the next three years. Unlike SMS and MMS, mobile email does not carry hefty per message charges for the sender, can be executed quicker, and can be deployed from existing email systems, making it an appealing medium for marketers. Yet even though companies large and small rely upon email to advertise for, retain, and service their customers, they have been at a loss as to how to harness the power of 'the killer app' in an increasingly mobile universe. With the introduction of Pivotal Veracity's mobile email optimization solution, Pivotal Veracity and over two dozen leading Email Service Providers and Agencies intend to change that.

Pivotal Veracity's pvIQ Enterprise Platform, the number 1 rated solution for maximizing the deliverability, rendering, reputation, and performance of digital communications, has now been enhanced with a host of critical features and intelligence for mobile email including:

--  The ability to view how the email renders for over 85% of the global
    Mobile market.  In addition to support for all major mobile OS, including
    BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and others, clients are able to view
    their emails in mobile phones from all leading US and international
    carriers and manufacturers as well as with and without images, and in
    varying screen sizes.
--  Mobile readiness scoring and validation for emails, landing pages, and
    websites. To address the limited web browsing capabilities of mobile
    phones, the solution uses a combination of W3C HTML and mobile standards to
    assess and score the digital asset, identifying both technical and best-
    practice issues, and providing detailed instructions on what changes are
    required to maximize the mobile user's experience.
--  Size, Link, and Image checking. In addition to verifying the
    functionality of all links and images, the size of the email both with and
    without images downloaded is assessed with real-time recommendations when
    the size exceeds best practice mobile email thresholds or will result in a
    costly and timely user experience.
--  In-depth insider guides on the capabilities of Mobile email readers
    with exclusive tips on what works and what doesn't.
--  And more! Collaborative Work Flow Tools, Global Deliverability
    Tracking, Reputation Management, Benchmarking, and a full suite of
    professional service offerings round out the pvIQ Enterprise Platform and
    solidify its position as the top rated solution for optimizing multi-
    channel digital communications.

"We're absolutely delighted to announce our new mobile email solution is officially out of beta and is now live -- making it the first commercially available solution of its kind ever," stated Deirdre Baird, CEO of Pivotal Veracity. "We're equally excited to announce that in addition to being available to all Pivotal Veracity's direct clients today, over two dozen of our exclusive partners -- unequivocally representing the best Email Service Providers and Agencies in the world -- are simultaneously bringing this critical solution to thousands of their clients via a combination of our joint mobile technology and service offerings. Together, we intend to make the elusive industry promise of integrated multi-channel communications a reality and today's announcement is a giant leap in that direction."

3 Months of Mobile Email Webinars and Industry Evangelizing begin! To celebrate the introduction of the first live mobile email solution for marketers and to help jump-start companies on what they need to know now about optimizing this critical channel, Pivotal Veracity and their Partners will be holding free webinars on Best Practice Mobile Email for the next three months. To learn more about the solution, to view the case study examples and/or to receive an invitation to one of the Best Practice Mobile Email webinars, please call Pivotal Veracity at 602 971 0502 or visit

About Pivotal Veracity:

Founded in 2003, Pivotal Veracity is a digital communications optimization company that provides legitimate companies with a comprehensive range of solutions and services for safeguarding and maximizing the deliverability, credibility, reputation and rendering of their critical email communications. Rated the top provider by analysts and industry experts, Pivotal Veracity is the leading choice for global enterprises and the world's most discriminating brands such as American Express, Borders, Consumer Reports, Cisco, Dow Jones, IBM, Nestle, Netflix, Oracle, Progressive, SAP, and Ulta.

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Pivotal Veracity's solutions and services are also offered via exclusive value-added partnerships with leading agencies and ESPs such as Acxiom Digital, Ads Dot Com (Europe), CheetahMail, Click Tactics, Click Mail, Digital River, Digitas, Eloqua (Canada), eservices (Australia), ExactTarget, Get Active (Convio), iContact, iPost, Merkle Quris, OgilvyOne, Radica Systems (China), Responsys, Silverpop, What Counts, Yesmail, and more. To learn whether your ESP or Agency is a Pivotal Veracity partner currently offering Mobile Email Optimization or to learn how you can become one, please contact us at

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