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December 03, 2009 11:03 ET

Mobile Website Directory Hits 2,500 Site Listing Benchmark

Seego Executives Say Growth Rate of Web App Market Is 'Staggering' and Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - December 3, 2009) - When app developer Nucato first sat down to create, its directory of mobile websites and web-based applications for the iPhone, iPod, Android and other mobile devices, the company wasn't sure it could find enough good mobile websites to populate its listings. Fast forward a scant few weeks, and Nucato no longer has any concerns about growing the directory.

With 2,500 websites and mobile apps listed, and more being added every day, the challenge for Seego is becoming keeping pace with new mobile internet development, rather than finding enough sites to list.

"Even we are surprised at the staggering growth rate of the mobile internet," said Liam Maddock, Director of New Business Development for Nucato. "We knew there would be rapid expansion in this sector, but we didn't anticipate hitting 2,500 websites so quickly."

Maddock said that Seego is seeing new websites and mobile web apps launching for the new generation of iPhone inspired smart phones at a rate of around 30-40 per day, with the fastest growth coming in the social networking, image sharing and adult entertainment sectors.

"It's a challenge to keep up with because we verify that every site or web app in the Seego directory will function on an actual mobile device," Maddock said. "We test each site on an iPod, iPhone, Android, Palm Pre or Blackberry device and the number of sites we've rejected is about as surprising as the number we've added."

While many of the new sites being added to the Seego mobile directory are similar to existing "fixed" websites, Maddock said that the specificity of some of the new mobile sites submitted to Seego for consideration is "showing how diverse and specialized the mobile internet is becoming."

"For example, there is now a mobile web forum called 'CrabDance' specifically for hermit crab appreciators," Maddock said. "That's niche social networking taken to the extreme, obviously, but that's all part of the emerging mobile web. Just like the fixed web environment, the mobile web has given people the ability to express their interests in immediate ways. Seego's job is simply to make it easier for them to find each other through their handheld devices."

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