Moovin' On Up

Moovin' On Up

March 24, 2010 10:30 ET

Moovin' On Up in Support of Earth Hour

EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 24, 2010) - Never before has climate change been such a widely discussed issue as it is now, with the mention of global warming being a hot button. In the last year we have all been made well aware of the potential causes of and the methods through which we can reduce our carbon footprint and effectively slow down global warming.

Even in government legislation you can now find directives to improve conservation methods and documentaries have been made to expand our knowledge of how it is affecting our planet. However, one event that has really come into its own this year is 'Earth Hour' promoted by the WWF and aimed at conserving the planet and rare animal species.

Earth hour promotes the conservation of our planet by getting all of those involved to turn off their lights and other electrics for one hour at 8.30 on the 27th of March this year. In doing so they hope to not only conserve energy but raise awareness of the plight of our planet. With over 100 countries and potentially over 1 billion involved Moovin' On Up certainly isn't going to shirk their obligation and will be shutting down their SEO news blog for the duration of earth hour. Moovin' On Up are eager to get behind the movement and help to promote saving planet earth. Apparently it's not just their SEO which is ethical.

SEO Manager Kevin Gallagher for Moovin' On Up who took charge of the shutdown was eager to discuss the movement. "At Moovin' On Up we like to get involved with modern movements and of course saving the planet should be a top priority for everyone. We're very hands on and that extends beyond our work. Although we're only one company we certainly want to play our part and hopefully in doing so we can encourage others to follow suit. By taking the initiative and each making small changes we can all together make a great change."

Founded in 2006, Moovin On Up has ascended rapidly through a combination of creative web design and SEO to become a leader in their field. They provide complete website design and SEO services for a wide array of clients and pride themselves on maintaining full disclosure for their clients through the whole process. Their methods of ethical SEO has seen them become renowned for providing a great service. Please remember to switch the lights off when you leave.

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