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November 12, 2009 06:00 ET

More Baby Boomers Find Relief With Femnene as Many Approach or Reach Menopause

STONE RIDGE, NY--(Marketwire - November 12, 2009) - As an increasing number of women from the Baby Boomer generation approach or have already reached menopause, more are seeking alternatives to prescription only treatments for menopause symptoms, and more are discovering Femnene and its line of feminine products designed specifically for a woman during and after the change of life.

Created by Dr. Ronald D. Blatt, a New York City Gynecologist, and the Medical Director for the Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery, Femnene's Private Rx gynecological formula for external vaginal skin care provides essential emollients for menopausal women. The one-of-a-kind feminine product is far superior to over-the-counter treatments, but available without a prescription, leading many women to flock to the brand.

"Approximately 34 million women ages 42-53 are either approaching menopause or have already reached menopause and are encountering a severe lack of feminine care products addressing their symptoms," said Dr. Blatt. "After many of my patients found over-the-counter remedies unsatisfactory I created this menopausal hydrating lotion for external vaginal skin care to help relieve itching, chafing and general discomfort, while helping to maintain an attractive and youthful appearance to the labia and external genital area."

According to a 2009 US Census Report "An Aging World: 2008," there's been a steady increase of 3 months added to the average lifespan per year from the years 1840-2000 for females worldwide. With this rise in life expectancy exercise, nutrition and overall attention to health has become increasingly important to baby boomers.

"Women from the Baby Boomer generation are extremely active and are not happy to sit on the sidelines waiting out menopause symptoms," said Dr. Blatt. "As the ultimate intimate beauty fix, this gynecological formula for external vaginal skin care answers the call of these women by restoring, rejuvenating and beautifying while counteracting the effects of estrogen-deprived skin associated with menopause."

Private Rx Gynecological formula for external skin care is a restorative cream created from a special blend of plant extracts and natural ingredients that work together to hydrate the skin on and around a woman's vulva. It is non-greasy and non-staining for women on the go. In addition to Private Rx menopausal hydrating lotion for external vaginal skin care, Femnene offers Private Rx Cooling Pads and Private Rx Soothing Serum, a two-step treatment to avoid razor bumps, burns, and skin irritations after waxing or shaving.

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About Femnene:

Femnene Corporation is the creation of Ronald D. Blatt M.D., F.A.C.O.G., a New York City Gynecologist, and the Medical Director for the Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery. Since 1986, the year he started his private practice, he noticed a number of common medical conditions women faced on a regular basis: menopausal dryness, irritation from shaving and waxing and ingrown hairs in and around the bikini area. Dissatisfied patients sought his professional gynecologic care, and Femnene feminine hygiene products were created.

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