April 13, 2010 11:14 ET

More Debug Visibility Offered by Event Tracing on Intel®-Based Platforms

BEIJING--(Marketwire - April 13, 2010) -  Intel Developer Forum -- Arium (Tustin, CA) today announced at the Intel Developer Forum the LX-1000 JTAG debugger with trace memory. The LX-1000 is the next generation of Arium In-Target Probes (ITP) supporting a full range of Intel devices. A modular design, the LX-1000 currently supports Intel devices, with other architecture support available soon.

The LX-1000 was designed to complement code execution trace on Intel®-based platforms using Last Branch Registers (LBR), Cache-as-RAM (CAR), and DRAM currently available on the ECM-XDP3 JTAG debugger. The LX-1000 adds a fourth resource to tracing by storing events in on-board high-speed RAM. Trace depths start at 2 GBytes, with optional 4 and 8 GBytes of storage. The LX-1000 captures events from the eXtended Debug Port (XDP).

"As Intel-based designs and software become more complex, developers need more visibility to events occurring on target platforms," said Larry Traylor, Arium CEO. "The LX-1000 provides another window into what occurred on the target to help track down bugs."

SourcePoint is Arium's flagship debugger providing debug features supporting multiple cores/threads benefiting BIOS, UEFI, device driver, and Linux developers. SourcePoint is used by many Intel OEM/ODM developers worldwide. The software runs on both Microsoft® Windows® and Linux hosts.

Arium is proud to announce the LX-1000 as many developers will be able to get projects done faster and with higher software quality. All Intel® Atom™, Intel® Pentium®, Intel® Celeron®, Intel® Core™, and Intel® Xeon® Processor Families are supported.

The LX-1000 will start shipping in April. Customers can order the LX-1000 (2 GBytes of trace memory), LX-INT (control module for Intel® processors), and the LX-4GB or LX-8GB (4 and 8 GBytes trace memory options). More details can be found at

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Arium, a privately held company headquartered in Tustin, CA, is a supplier of hardware and software development tools for Intel® Atom™, Intel® Pentium®, Intel® Celeron®, Intel® Core™, and Intel® Xeon® Processor Families, among others. Arium tools are used worldwide to debug software in embedded Linux applications, BIOS, device drivers, and OS kernels. Arium is a proud member of the Intel Embedded and Communications Alliance and for over 15 years has teamed with Intel Corporation to develop hardware-assisted development tools. For more information about Arium, please visit

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