March 15, 2007 14:00 ET

More Students Investigating Exotic Locales to Study Abroad

CHESTER, PA.--(Collegiate Presswire - March 15, 2007) - Move over England, France and Italy. More students are investigating places like Malaysia, Ghana and Israel for studying abroad over the more traditional European locations.

A recent report found that five countries - Malaysia, Ecuador, Ghana, Thailand and Israel - were among the more popular inquiries for study abroad locales.

"There is a particular trend toward more exotic locales when it comes to summer study abroad options," says John Duncan advisor to "Students typically seek these different options when considering opportunities that don't require them to transfer a full semester's worth of credits."

In the past quarter leading into this summer's study abroad application deadlines,, an online resource for overseas education opportunities, has seen an increase in the number of students searching for study abroad programs in these typically, less popular places.

"Many students will end up studying in Western locations because they're familiar, and it's easier to assimilate into the culture," Duncan said. "There are a number of benefits, however - not often thought of - to choosing a more unusual location."

According to Duncan, some advantages of exotic locales can be:

* Cost: living and educational program costs are generally less expensive

* Culture: a greater cultural difference can lead to a more immersive experience

* Unique study and program opportunities: more exotic locations typically offer more varied, hands-on educational programs such as anthropology, biology or sustainable development

For students who want information on studying abroad, country requirements and other international educational opportunities, Duncan suggests visiting the following resources:

* for scholarships, grants and financial aid

* The study abroad office at your university; talk with your advisor

* Three great Web resources for you to begin your research:




* * *'s most recent Top-15 Destinations list:

1. France

2. Japan

3. Italy

4. Spain

5. Germany

6. Australia

7. England

8. Greece

9. Madagascar

10. Malaysia

11. Egypt

12. Ecuador

13. Ghana

14. Thailand

15. Israel

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