Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited

October 17, 2005 10:00 ET

Most Torontonians Would Rather Give Up Junk Food Than Their Extra Fridge

TORONTO--(CCNMatthews - Oct. 17) - Today, Toronto Hydro will launch the Fridge Unplugged campaign - the first fridge retirement program in Toronto. The fridge that many Torontonians hide in their basement and/or garage is one of the highest consumers of electricity in homes. Older refrigerators are typically inefficient and can consume around 1,500 kWh per year or approximately $150 in electricity costs. However, many people are reluctant to let their old, inefficient 'friends' go. In fact, more that 60 per cent would give up junk food first before their fridge.

'Fridge Unplugged' is a campaign that makes it easy to get rid of old, inefficient refrigerators. Starting today and until November 30, 2005, Toronto Hydro will collect the first 2000 fridges in the City of Toronto free of charge and recycle them responsibly. Participants will receive a powerWISE™ powerPACK, with energy efficient products such as CFL bulbs and LED holiday lights. The total value of the Fridge Unplugged program is $300, once the pick-up, electricity savings, the powerPACK and recycling costs are factored in.

To be eligible, the refrigerator must be in working condition, and located in a single family, residential home in Toronto. To participate, customers should call 1 800 GOT-JUNK (468-5865) to find out more or go to

This program is just one of our Conservation and Demand Management programs. These programs are designed to encourage electricity conservation and reduce demand, thereby delaying the need for new generating facilities and reducing the impact on the environment.

In July of this year, Toronto Hydro commissioned a survey with Decima to find out just how attached Torontonians are to their refrigerators. The results show:

- Three-in-ten Torontonians (31%) have a second fridge in their home.

About one-in-ten of these second fridge owners (6%) have an empty

second fridge. The rest keep food, pop and beer in their second


- Most Torontonians (62%) would rather give up junk food than their

second fridge.

- 25% would forgo beer, wine and alcohol to keep their fridge.

- Another 8% would turn their back on television, and 2% would give up

surfing the Internet.

- A few (2%) would even give up sex before they unplug their fridge.

Note: This poll was conducted between July 8th and July 12th, 2005 and was based on a randomly selected sample of 874 English speaking Torontonian adults aged 18+ (591 working full-time or part-time) using Decima's proprietary online panel. With a sample of this size, the results are considered accurate to within 3.3 percentage points, 19 times out of 20, of what they would have been had the entire Torontonian adult population been polled. The margin of error will be larger within subgroupings of the survey population. Data have been weighted to ensure the sample is representative of the gender, age and employment status distribution in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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