Staveley Head

Staveley Head

February 17, 2010 01:00 ET

Motorhomes to Be the New Holiday Preference for 2010

FLINT, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 17, 2010) - It was in no small part a consequence of the economic recession that 2009 saw an unprecedented increase in the number of people buying motor homes. Foreign holidays received a double whammy with the plummeting value of the pound against foreign currencies, and that also convinced many people to consider other holiday alternatives.

A motorhome provides so many flexible options for holidaying. Whether to stay in the UK or travel abroad, to go for a long weekend or perhaps a month or two if you're retired. And of course, after the initial outlay in purchasing the vehicle the ongoing costs are minimal in comparison to the cost of traditional holidays.

Staveley Head, one of the UK's leading motorhome insurance providers says that 2009 was an unusually active year for new and existing motorhome enthusiasts, and they are already experiencing a very early start to the 2010 season.

A Staveley Head spokesman said "Despite the appallingly bad winter, with Arctic conditions across the whole country throughout most of January, we are already noticing a substantial increase in the number of people enquiring about motorhome insurance in readiness for the 2010 season which will start in March. We believe the trend towards motorhome ownership is gathering momentum and 2010 could prove a record year. We would remind owners, however, that if they are travelling abroad it is prudent to take out travel insurance."

For first-time buyers there is a lot to consider when purchasing a motorhome. Firstly, check your driving licence to see what class of vehicle you are entitled to drive. On an ordinary driving licence this will either be up to 3.5tonnes or 7.5tonnes depending on when you passed your driving test. Anything over 7.5tonnes will require you to take a further LGV driving test. Obviously a smaller vehicle is more practical in terms of parking, winter storage and fuel consumption- but has restricted space and internal storage. You should decide if a motorhome is going to be an occasional hobby, or something you will be using for regular and extended periods and make your selection accordingly.

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