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January 12, 2007 08:57 ET

Move over Thunder Sticks - Here Comes the Rollabana™

LITTLETON, COLO.--(Collegiate Presswire - January 12, 2007) - Max Impact, LLC announced today that the promotional game day giveaway landscape is expected to change in a big way with the Rollabana™, a patented, self-rolling, handheld banner that is extremely fan-friendly and is catching the eye of corporate advertising executives everywhere as an innovative and effective form of non-traditional advertising.

The magic of the Rollabana™ can be seen this Saturday, January 13th beginning with the live broadcast of ESPN College Gameday from the Petersen Events Center on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. With thousands of loyal Pitt basketball fans, including the renowned group of Pitt fans known as the Oakland Zoo, proudly and passionately displaying their custom Pitt Rollabanas. McDonald's, the corporate sponsor, is anticipating an extremely high number of impressions during the broadcast.

"That's the beauty of this product," exclaimed Mike Manhardt, Managing Partner of Max Impact, LLC. "Everyone in the advertising and marketing world understands that it's all about IMPRESSIONS, and no other promotional product comes close to delivering on either the quality or quantity of impressions that the Rollabana gives the advertiser during regionally or nationally televised events."

In a strategic move, Pitt Athletics officials along with McDonald's Ad agency in the Pittsburgh Region (Stearn Advertising) chose this Saturday to record their version of a Rollabana "triple double." In addition to kicking off the ESPN College Gameday broadcast at 11am EST, thousands of fans will receive an authentic Pitt Rollabana™ to cheer on both the Pitt women's basketball team (1:30pm EST tip-off vs. St. Johns) followed by the 7th ranked Pitt men's team (9:00pm EST tip-off vs. Georgetown on ESPN).

Manhardt stated, "We are honored to be teamed up with one of the most prestigious institutions in the University of Pittsburgh, as well as one of the most recognizable brands in the world in McDonald's. We are also elated that the Big East Conference has approved the Rollabana as a viable fan premium for all venues." According to Manhardt, many conferences like the Big East do not allow Thunder Sticks and other premiums that are classified as a noise making device.

About Max Impact, LLC:

Max Impact, LLC is a rapidly growing company that specializes in innovative and non-traditional advertising, marketing and retail solutions. In addition to making the Rollabana™ a household name over the next few years in the promotional game day giveaway arena, several hot, unique and licensed products are slated to launch later this year. Please visit and

Max Impact, LLC is the exclusive rights holder to all U.S. sales and distribution of the Rollabana™ product line and is the sole, legal distributor of all Rollabana™ products associated with US Patent #5176774 and #4848437. (A U.S. District Court has entered an injunction against all know infringers of the above patents, namely Bana Holdings USA/Fanbana.)


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